Saturday, April 19, 2003

Oh man oh man oh. I swear I've got mono or something. All I do anymore is sleep!

Ok, Thursday night P and Shawn were already at my house. I got home and Robbie and Crystal soon showed up. P and Shawn were playing x-box and Robbie and Crystal were cuddling. I just sorta went back and forth between them and my parents. We went to Walmart eventually and I got a new alarm clock and A Goofy Movie. Came back home & watched Harry Potter 2.

Will finish later..
Beppo called me so I was on the phone with him for a while when I got another call. I answer that and who should it be but Toast calling collect from jail. We shoot the shit for a bit and then he asks me a favor. He was something to celebrate the holiday happing on Sunday. I agree to meet him the next day (he gets out for appointments). Back to Beppo...Robbie and Crystal left so Shawn and P are upstairs annoying me. Talking about how hot Beppo it and how we should get together. I don't know if they said it loud enough for him to hear...but I was blushing. Shawn kept trying to get the phone so he could ask Beppo out for me. How junior high is that? So I left the room. Shawn picks up the other cordless and starts talking. Beppo knew that Shawn wanted to ask him something so he kept bugging me. Finally I gave up and just said I had to go. Beppo saw thru that but let me go anyway. I went back in my room and beat Shawn up. So then we....I dunno. I can't remember. Oh yeah. We went to Kitchen and on the way smoked up. I was fucking high as a kite by the time we go there. We all were. I took my tape recorder and got a bit of it...but not enough cause that night was fuckin hillarious. Oh well. We were there for an hour or so and then came back to my house. We put in Super Troopers but P went upstairs. Shawn went to go see where she was a few minutes later and I fell asleep in the basement.

Friday - I wake up when my alarm goes off at 8 and finally get up at 20 after. I go meet Toast and give him what he needs. Then we walk for a bit. It was cool to see him and catch up a bit. I get back to my house and of course they're still sleeping. But Shawn pulls me into bed with them and won't let me get up. Eventually I fall asleep for a bit with him hugging me to keep me in bed. We wake up after 45 minutes. Hang out a bit. P is feeling sick so when Shawn suggests a wake and bake she says no. I don't care so I go for it. Shawn and I get really high again. Spend the day as such. We both shower and then he goes home and P and I go to my friends house. We hang out there awhile. He's pretty cool. I went to school with him and would see him around town after I graduated but never really talked to him. We played some video games, watched some music videos and talked about fashion and photography. While we were there his boyfriend called and said they were going to take a break. I felt really bad for him, but he was acting a little stalker like. P and I left there and went back to my house, put in a Goofy Movie and just chilled. C called and she came over. We enjoyed the movie and then P packed and left. C and I just talked and ate pineapple. It was nice. We haven't gotten to do that in awhile. I had a blast. Oh my gosh that was last night. wow...it seems so long ago.

Today (Saturday cause I haven't gone to bed yet) I woke up at 2:30. Hung out...went shopping and got some really cute clothes for super cheap...cancelled plans with high school friends and went to Madison instead...hung out with Levi. I finally got enough guts to call DJ again. We talked...it was nice. He got my number. So eventually we're going to talk while he's not at work...just don't know when. We got to talking about hot men/women. He teased me for thinking Justin Timberlake was hot. Meanie :) Awww, I just want to meet him...to see if there is actually something between us...it's hard to tell over the phone and we've only talked twice. I did find out he graduated with one of my coworkers. So...let's hope they don't talk anymore. Cause I don't want anyone talking about me...anywhere. I hate that so much.

Well, this is kinda long so I'm gonna finish it up. Ummm, have a great Easter and 420!

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