Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Ok, somehow I woke up with a cut on my wrist. It looks like I tried to kill myself but punked out at the last second. I think I just scratched myself or something. But it hurts!

Last night C, P and I were supposed to make pinatas, but didn't. I would much rather make them outside or in the garage where we can make a big ol' mess and it's frickin cold out. Stupid Wisconsin. So instead we sat on our asses. Fun fun. Actually it was. I downloaded some music (!!!) and then we watched the Battle of the Sexes on MTV. Amusing. C left around 8 or something. Right when the newest episode on the 10 spot started, P and I decided to go to Kitchen. I haven't been there in months. So it was interesting. We went lookin like .... well, not our best. I called M when we got there and asked why his sorry ass wasn't there. He got on his way. I called my sister and she's gonna bring me some smoke up on Friday. Horray! P and I had an interesting conversation or two. Then M showed up. We sat and talked like old times. But then they started talking about the military and all that. M being an ex-marine and P just getting back from AIT. Yawn!!!! There were some guys who wanted to flirt with me and P but unfortunately we left. Whoops. On the way home I called WJJO (Madison's Solid Rock!) and requested Fever for the Flavor. I talked to the DJ a bit and he said he would get that on for me in a few minutes. They never do. So when I got close to home, imagine my surprise when he said "Here's a song for Kelly, Pam and a whole bunch of other people" and then played it! He said Kelly first! So P and I sat out in the truck listening to that in front of my house. Went in. Took a shower. I got out of the shower at 12:10 am. Then frickin talking with P until who knows when. I stayed up too late last night. And sleeping over lunch wasn't working. I did fall asleep for about 20 minutes. But then I couldn't get comfy. I think I need a blanket and a pillow so I can curl up on the floor of my office. How cool would that be?

Oh wow. I am so glad P and I are moving in together. We have such a great time together. Last night, M said he had to readjust to me and P sharing a brain. We just get it. I think our house/apartment is going to rock. Seriously. It will be a house of music and movies and laughter. How corny does that sound? Someone shut me up.

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