Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Ok Sunday after we all got back to my house...Jacob called. His roommates wanted the house, so he asked to stay the night. I said ok drive on over. Cutie Jake called and was bored. So I said we would drive over once Jacob got there. Manohman, I can't even think right now. WE went over to Cutie Jake's and hung out a bit. Someone I've seen around was there and we all talked and whatever...Cutie Jake came back to my town with us to stay at his parents because of a court appointment and a broken car. On the drive I was in the backseat of C's car with Jacob and Cutie Jake, P was in the front and C was driving. Well, C let them smoke and we were moving around getting comfy (it's a big big big backseat and there are many ways to sit) well, Jacob accidently hit the roof with his cigarette. He put off telling her until we got to my house. Jake and I were just hiding ourselves in each other while he was telling her. She took it well at first so we realaxed, then she saw it and we tightened up again. It was really funny. C went home and everyone else went inside. We talked a bit and then Cutie Jake wanted to play truth or dare. What is up with that game all the sudden? Honestly? I hated it. I still hate it and it seems so elementary school. But here we were playing it. It was really funny tho. Dirty Indiana and whatnot.

Monday - I went to Madison for work. I've been so busy here it sucks. But it was fun. We ate at the Olive Garden. Yummy. Then shopped a bit. I spent $24 on books. Not too bad. For getting 4 books anyway. I met P at the park after work and we looked around for some appartments in town. I yelled at someone driving on my ass and he yelled back at me. I seem to have a temper issue the last couple of days. Nope, weeks. I have no problem yelling at people. What's going on? Moving on, we couldn't find either place and my sister called. So we gave up. My sister and W took us over to their house and gave me a really cool gift. It's 1/2 inch deep, double glass and a color changer. HAHAHA! ! I'm so please I could cry. But I won't cause then I'd laugh!!! I love it to death even tho I'm trying to stop.

Shawn called last night and we talked for near an hour. Shoot!!! I meant to call Beppo. My bad. I'll call at 3 if I take a break. Damn I'm such an airhead sometime. I have no train of thought cause there aren't any fuckin tracks!

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