Wednesday, April 09, 2003

So last night was supposed to be the most excellent night of fun and dancing I've ever had...

P showed up at my place of work at 4:40. We talked a bit while I finished up what I was doing and then decided that we should go to the candy store. We found a ton of candy that we wanted to take to the club with us. Mostly FunDip. And stickers. The plan was to pick up poprocks later, but we didn't. Back at my house, we sat around. I changed into super relaxed clothes and P did the same. C came over and picked us up and we were on our way. We drove 10 minutes, got almost to the interstate, when we realized that we forgot the candy. So we drove all the way back for it. THEN we were on our way!! again.

Right when we got to Madison, Levi called. So we went over to his house. For just getting out of jail, he looked really good. We talked and laughed and he got ready. We all drove over to Clay's and Matt, Joey, Jason, Paulie and Shane were all there. We hung out for a little while. Then Clay decided it was time to drink. So I can't let him drink alone. Unfortunately all he had was Blue UV. ICKY! But I put my taste buds aside for a couple of drinks. All we had to mix it with was one can of Strawberry crush. So Clay and I shared that. I had about the equal to...four shots within 10 minutes. Yucky. I really hate UV. This was at 10:00 at night. I hadn't eaten since 5 and I had then was Micky D's fries. So I got a pretty good buzz going on. We finally leave. Out in the car, I got to kiss Levi. Like...Kiss Levi. That was fun.

The drive was a blast! A bunch of us were yelling out the window at people on the street and honking C's horn when she wasn't looking. Let's see. In the backseat was Derrick, Shane, P and Levi. C was driving, Clay was riding bitch and I was in the passenger seat. It was a ton of fun. We put the Veggie Tales Super Mix in the cd player and scared some of our passengers and some people driving. It was fun.

So we get to the club and I'm just...wow. Running around and putting stickers on people. All over giving hugs to everyone. Aaron...sorry if that was annoying, but you seemed not to mind. He told me he liked me buzzed. We had fun. P and I pulled out the FunDip and started teasing people. I was just all over! Dancing like a mad woman, talking with people I don't know, smoking like a fiend, eating FunDip and mountain dew...yeah not smart. I was sitting at the back bar when I felt like I was going to pass out. I got the whole really-super-lightheaded and started to get really cold. John was back there and he got the bartender to give me a free water (normally $2) and I knew I needed to sit on the floor. So I crawled up into the corner and tried not to die. Levi was half keeping an eye on me. He was only 2 feet away, but I was so out of it. After a couple of minutes, I felt like I was going to throw up. So I got up (horray!...that was hard work) and walked to the bathroom. On the way I saw C and asked her to come with me but she said just a minute and I was not going to wait. In the bathroom I got sick twice and felt a lot better. Exhausted. But not like I was going to pass out. The sink counter is really long and there are only two sinks so I could jump up on that and curl up. Eventually someone had to come looking for me right? I don't know how long it was. But C came in and talked to me a bit. Some of the girls started talking to me too. Some drag queen seemed especially concerned...although if it was with her makeup or for me I don't know. P came in and I just felt silly and like I was dragging everyone down. So I went out by the pay phones and P was out a little further talking to people. I don't know where C went. But this Craig guy came over and talked to me. I've only talk to him a couple of times. He rubbed my shoulders, arms, hands and back. I felt so much better after that. Aaron came over and took me by the door (since I couldn't actually go outside being a minor and having to pay to get back in). We chilled and looked at pictures of guys. I was swaying a little, but they helped me stand up. Aaron and I decided to go to sleep on each other's shoulders. Then the drag show started. We went to watch that. Well, we actually only saw Desiree. She's so cool. She did a Cher song and came out in a halter top and thongs.

I danced for a little bit, really starting to feel better. Then I went around appologizing and thanking people. The bartender for giving me water, John for helping to take care of me, the drag queen who talked to me...random people. Nothing like making an ass of yourself to make ya feel like crap...oh...what? Anyway, Jacob showed up and I finally got to see him again. After weeks. I missed that boy. I still do seeing as I only saw him for a couple of minutes. We have plans to go to the straight club tomorrow. Oh man, I don't know how I'm going to do it. I'm dead right now. As long as I go home and not fall asleep until at least 8:30...I'll be ok to sleep all night and then wake up refreshed tomorrow morning. Right? Sure whatever.

Oh well. I've decided that UV is evil. Icky. Even typing that made my stomach turn over. Blah! It's my fault tho. The first time I had it I hated it but drank it anyway and got wasted. Really, really wasted to the point of I don't remember a lot that went on. I know I've had it since then. Icky. Then this? No more. I'd rather be sober.

I just found out I'm going on press. Which basically means an unbusiness-like business trip up to Minnesota. Woot. So far I've heard the drive is 4 hours normal time, but we stop at every antique shop on the way, my boss will turn the heat on high so you take layers off and then turn it cold, you have two minutes from the time my boss calls to get from your room down to the car, even in the middle of the night (which happens a lot!) and the person I'm riding with/rooming with gets carsick and bitchy. Good times, good times.

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