Tuesday, April 22, 2003

So ... yeah. Today fucking sucks. I hate swearing so much, but it really does.

Last night I went home and was told to change into my pj's. So I did. P and I received a call from the Bartending College we're going to attend. Then we went on over to C's. She made tacos!!! YUMMY YUMMY TACOS! We watched Jackass while eating. Interesting. There were only a couple of parts I couldn't watch. But otherwise I laughed my ass off. I think I might have to purchase that movie. It fills me with delicious humor and revolting disgust at the same time. So when the movie was almost over I received a call from cutie Jake. He wanted us to meet him and one of his friends (someone I knew from school) at Kitchen. So we did. We talked and had a lot of fun. Only...J was there. That didn't bug me. What bugged me was that he had my phone! Well, not really my phone but the same kind of phone I have. Which is really new and his scrubby ass shouldn't be able to afford it. Damn. How snobby do I sound? Really fuckin snobby.

Anyway here I am at work today and I am now on the phone...

(20 minutes later) Ok that was Shawn...he's having doubts about him and Christian. Poor kid. He's in the middle of a huge mental growth and doesn't really know what he wants. He called me and that means a lot. I want to try and be there for him, but if he doesn't know what he wants how can I give my advice when he asks for it? Oh well, I do my best and stumble around when need be.

But anyway...WORK SUCKS!!! I've been working my ass off all morning and am getting really nervous about this book getting to the press on time. We've already pushed it back once...I don't want to do it again. I've already gotten "scolded" today. Me and turdy both. Oh well. I'm not too worried about it. But I do have a very busy afternoon now.

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