Thursday, April 17, 2003

So...got back from Minnesota and my car battery was dead. Smooth. Then I was almost out of gas...so we had to hope and pray that the car started again after I had to fill up the tank. It did. No worries.

I was feeling really down yesterday about missing a super time at the club last night. Last night for P and Shawn was exactly the night I've been wanting since I started going to the club. Sucky that I had to miss it. Oh well...I'll be rich so I don't care...(but I do). Anyway, I was also really bummed cause I called Levi when I got home and he, P and Shawn were watching tv...so they couldn't come hang out with me. But C loves me! She talked on the phone with me for...I dunno how long. Well, she at least sorta loves me...cause when I asked about Tuesday night, she wouldn't really tell me a whole lot. Then I was falling asleep so I thought it best to let her go. She called again in a hour like I asked her too and was supposed to come over, but didn't. Levi called and said they were on their way, but needed to get a hold of Shawn so I three-wayed him. They got their plans all set, so P and I talked on the phone for a little while. After we hung up, I cleaned up my room a bit and then laid on my bed. Started falling asleep again. All the sudden P, Shawn and Levi are on me, hugging me and kissing me and all that jazz. Christian comes in and sits down next to me and puts his arm around me. I felt a bit better than. I'm really happy everyone had a such a great time last night, cause I heard all about it. Or at least a lot about it...I heard more later on. Christian's brother, Robbie shows up. We all sat talking a bit and then Shawn decided he needed to talk to me alone, so we went into the bathroom. He had to tell me about what he and P did last night. P comes in to fix her hair and Shawn decides he needs to go to the bathroom, so he pulls down his pants and goes. Sick. Oh well, C shows up and we all migrate to Levi's mom's house. Robbie and I go to taco bell. That was fun. He let me drive his car back to the house. He has a nice nice nice car. Seriously. I have no idea what it is...but it's hot. If he wasn't with his girl...oh...I'd be on him just for the car. Not really. But it is a sweet car.

The rest of the night was us trying to find means of which to smoke bud. We went to Wal-mart looking for plumbing stuff to make something. Nothing there. Then we were going to buy a pipe, but it was $13.98 and we had $14.55 and needed money for something else. So we were going to get zig zags. Didn't have them at Kasey's...didn't have them at BP Amaco. We ended up getting Swisher Sweets and were going to cut one open and replace...blah blah blah. Well, Robbie couldn't do it. P couldn't do it. We were going to drive to a town near-by and get a pipe. I decided that I need to shower and sleep, so I was going to get dropped off at home. Robbie and I were in his car and everyone else was in the other car. Shawn calls me up and tells me to get tin foil and a highlighter from my house and meet them at the park in a couple of minutes. I'm happy to comply. It finally worked out. And I only took two hits and then walked away.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be getting a bag. The big ol' group of us are going to hang out and watch movies. Friday P and I are going to Madison to hang out with Joey. That'll be fun. Saturday...Levi said something, but I dunno if he wants to do something or not. Sunday...Easter. I at least have to have dinner with my family. That's about it.

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