Monday, April 14, 2003

Some people's logic baffles me.

I said baffle. That's pretty funny.

Ya know what bothers me? People who don't say what is on their mind. Bothersome. Cause how the hell am I supposed to know?

Wow. I'm leaving tomorrow for Minnesota. I was just thinking about that this morning and thought it was next week. It kinda threw me off when my boss came in and said we were leaving tomorrow. So I gotta pack!! For two nights? Goody! We leave tomorrow morning, will be gone at least one night being Wednesday...maybe two being Thursday and then we have Friday off! Horray! I really don't want to work this week. At all. I guess it is a work trip, but I don't know anything so it's basically to show me what's going on. I'm thinkin it's going to be really boring tho. I need me some books.

Moving on to thoughts that make some sense.

Yesterday not a lot happened. Shawn came over at 1. We played catch. Then we played X-box. We went into my room and were just going to cuddle and relax, but ended up falling asleep. C came over at 5 and I woke up. I tried to wake Shawn up at 5:30, but he wasn't havin it. So I had him call Christian and say he was sleeping on his voice mail. C and I went for a walk. A couple of groups of people wanted us to come talk to them. A big ol' group of hispanics and then a big ol' group of black guys. We were on a mission so we kept moving, saying we would talk to them on the way back. Well then they didn't say anything to us so we walked on by.

Fast forward, Shawn and I went on another cruise. C was in the back, but didn't participate. Tin foil pipe baby! Since frickin SM got my nice nice oh so pretty pipe stolen. Thanks a ton SM! Oh well. Back at my house we watched...Shrek. Only people kept calling me so I couldn't really watch the movie. Ryan called and Jake called. I talked to both of them for a long time. It was fun.

Guess who I found an email from this morning? Come on, guess! E. He doesn't know when to let it go. You would think that when I hung up on him, when I didn't really talk to him when he called me back, when I said I didn't want to meet him for coffee...ever that he would get the picture that I don't want to have any involvement with him at all. Talking to him is about the worst thing I can do...he manipulates and twists things around. I don't like that. He says he still wants to be friends, but I could never, ever be friends with him. You're supposed to be able to trust friends and I can't trust him. At all.

I guess that didn't make much more sense either. Nothing makes sense this morning. That's what happens after a month or two of being drug free and then a binge. Silly Kelly. What were you thinking? (....nothing, duh....)

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