Wednesday, April 30, 2003

WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! MY PROJECT IS FINISHED!!!!! It's getting sent to the printing press as I type! I'm really happy to see that thing go. Nothing but hardwork and stress. Fucking YAY (insert Joey giggle). I think I'm going to party like it 1999 tonight...oh wait, no I won't. I'm going to have to be sleeping because I haven't in awhile. oh well

Red Hot Chili Peppers concert on Friday.

I just got permission from my supervisor to goof off the last 15 minutes of today...even tho I'm super busy and have to have this next thing done by Friday...yeah...

Oh yeah and I'm really pissed off at the fact that 2½ hours of my overtime aren't being paid as such. It's not my fault the office was closed on Good Friday, why do I have to pay for it? Fuck ya'll. With what should be 10.75 hours at time and a half...I'm only getting about an extra hundred bucks. Not enough. They made me go to Minnesota for cryin out loud! Minnesota! And I have to go again next week! Not fair. I'd much rather be at home sleeping. Oh well....maybe I'll get to drive this time. HORRAY! If only. I'd want to drive the Buick again. Nice nice real nice.

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