Monday, April 21, 2003

Wowie. P and I sent out some interesting text messages last night:

To William:
Happy 420! Jeepers Creepers? Hazy Dazy. Wowie.

To Christian:
Toad? Toady? Toadstool? ... oh ... ok

To Joey:
Oops sorry, wrong person. Will self-destruct in 5 seconds 2-1...Mother?

To Levi:
We're not talking nonsense...We're talking milky way.

To Clayton:
Hickory Dickory Doc...Did you ever notice that asphalt tastes funny?

To Joey (again):
Funderware! Cac-chaos! Happy 420! Luv

To Levi (again):

Then there is the stuff we didn't send...like
so if a chicken and an egg are in the road...oh wait...no sherbert
Noodles not poodles
I can't talk above a whisper or I'll shriek
Myrtle? Myrtle? Myrtle? uhhhhh
It's prime time for crime time
Boob....I knew I put that there
I have air bubbles under my tounge
I can't think of anything more comfy so don't try to talk me out of it

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