Thursday, May 15, 2003

Damn I hurt. The other night coming home from the club...I guess I forgot to mention that P and I sang RENT at the top of our lungs the whole way. I was trying to lose my voice so I didn't have to proof yesterday...but it didn't work. However, it feels like crap today! I'm so excited!!!

Fuck. This sucks.

So anyway. Last night I was walking around Walmart doing some shopping with C and P when my phone rings. I look at the number and think for a second. Then I say Crystal XXXX!! as I answer the phone. She replies with Kelly XXXX!! She called to say she had gotten a larger than normal paycheck so she wanted to come visit me this weekend! YAY!!!! So P will be gone, but Kasey will be here and C will be here and I'm betting we'll see Levi in Madison sometime. This is so great tho! I've been friends with Crystal since frickin grade school...young grade school. And I've been friends with Kasey since 5th grade.

I guess I didn't talk about when I went out driving (driving is really delivering, normally office people don't even touch the trucks/vans, but because it was my book, a co-worker and I got to go take books to different hotels and businesses). Well, the first guy who drove me around was the co-worker-that-I-was-with's boyfriend. We mostly talked about cartoons, cars and funny movies. We slacked a bunch and even got lost somewhere out in the country.

The second guy I that drove me around was BOB! Originally was supposed to go with this other guy, but BOB had fucked up his knee earlier, so driving me around would be pretty easy. The first thing we talked about was how we don't normally talk a lot at work because everyone sucks and there is no point. Then we talked the rest of the day...about drugs and how if they started drug testing most of the drivers and myself would be gone, movies and whatever we felt like. It was a good time. He and jonk are supposed to take me to the bar sometime cause I shouldn't have a problem getting served if I'm with them. YAY! I was really hoping he would be the one to drive me around the next day too, but the third guy decided that BOB was faking it and needed to do his route again.

So the third guy was a quiet guy I've never really talked to. We still had fun. I was pretty quiet. We slacked a bit. We checked out the new spa in town and then the huge waterpark our boss is a co-owner of. We can go swimming ALL FOR FREE!!!

Then the co-worker and I went out in a car. An old station wagon. I got to drive the whole time. It was fun. I kept imagining what I looked like driving the family groccery-go-getter.

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