Monday, May 19, 2003

Friday - I got off work and went home. C came over. We went to the lake and played hack. Saw a couple of guys I used to work with...I don't like having an audience. We went back to my house and prolly watched some tv. Then started a big ol' campfire in the backyard. Actually, C did it cause I gave up on the wet wood. But once that was burning merrily away, we took a trip to Wal-mart for junk food. Crusty Monkey called and I talked him into coming over. It wasn't that hard. We roasted marshmAllows and pringles. Crusty curled up on my lap. We gave up eventually and went inside. Shawn was supposed to be over at 12, but didn't get there until 3. By then C had went home and Crusty Monkey and I were taking a nap. Shawn was high and didn't want to go to sleep, so we went to Kitchen. Smoked up on the way. Be careful and watch out for MONSTER DEER!!! Once there I ordered what I found to be nirvana! This was seriously the best thing I've ever put in my mouth my entire life. Milkey Way Cake. I can't even talk about it. Wowo. Another one of the funny moments was when Crusty looked at me dead in the eye and says in a slighty pissed off and determined voice "I'm Afraid. Of food."

Shawn was supposed to stay the night but Crusty did instead. We laid down, talked for 2 minutes and then fell asleep.

Saturday - Crusty and I woke up at a quarter to 10 when his phone rang. It was his mom making sure he was awake and coming over. They had a funeral to go to. So Crusty left and I got up and showered. Drove to the spa, got my sister her gift certificate and then hung out at home. My sister and her boy-toy came over, her not feeling so well after celebrating her 21st from 12 until 3 that morning. We all went to this thing downtown with a bunch of people selling a bunch of crap. Well, some of it's cool, I got a new beltbuckle, but mostly just arts and crafts junk.

I called C when I got home and said we should be taking off soon. She came over and away we went! First stopping off at East Towne Mall in Madison to collect tickets for the lovely Evanescence who will be in Milwaukee tomorrow. Yay! Then off to Levi's. We danced a bit and then left. Picked up Derrick and then went to the airport. We were there right when Kasey's flight was suppposed to be there, but she was there early so when someone walked up out of the corner of my eye and gave me a hug I was a little surprised. But YAY! We were outta there so fast I didn't even have to pay parking.

After that we hung out at Levi's again. Not doing a whole lot. Playing on the computer, reading, eating, talking on the phone....Shawn must have called me like 6 times. He was at work and trying to get info for a resume and also giving me crap for having Kasey come see me. He was all giving me this "I don't know about this, I feel like you're going to be replacing me." He even said "I'll just see you in two weeks" and then hung up on me! I was getting ticked, but he called back laughing. He's such an ass.

Oh well, we headed back a little early so C could sleep before working at 6 or something Sunday. Kasey and I watched some Futurama. That was cool. And Crusty Monkey called at like 11:30 or something. He wanted us to go to Kitchen, I kinda wanted to go, but kinda didn't. So I said we were just going to hang out at my house. He starts this whole "I don't even know why we're friends, you never come see me" thing and I finally give in. I tell him to meet us there in 20 minutes. So we drive on over. We get there, I don't see his car so I call him. He's still at Captain Dix, but "he'll be there soon." We sit down with KJ and talk a little bit. Shawn calls and says he might come over cause his mom and sister are at his house and he doesn't have anywhere to sleep and he's just not happy. But he can't make up his mind because he doesn't have any gas in his car. And he doesn't know if he wants to come because Kasey is there. He wants to call Crusty Monkey to see if he'll come pick him up because he wants to hang out with him too tonight. So he calls Crusty Monkey as he's walking in the door to Kitchen (after another half hour). Crusty talks him into coming. They hang up. Shawn calls me. He says he's taking $20 from his grandma for gas (leaving her a note of course) and then has to put his clothes in the dryer. I didn't want to be out much later so I said I'd take his clothes and dry them at my house. So he gets there. We all hang out. We talk and laugh and whatnot. Finally at 2:30 I'm ready to go. So we say our goodbyes and leave. We got on A and then had to go back for Shawn's clothes. Kase and I slept in the basement and totally passed out.

Saturday - Mischelle woke us up to come eat breakfast. If Kase hadn't gotten up I never would have. But right after breakfast while sitting around the table, drugs or something somehow came up. I hate it when that happens. But my mom decides to ask me if I've ever tried smoking pot. My dad comes in with "well of course she has. The funniest part is she tries to hide it." Which of course I knew he knew, I just didn't really want to bring it up. So I know there is going to be more conversations on such sometime soon. Goody. It's just strange for my parents to know. I wonder if I can get away with smoking in the backyard now.

Crusty Monkey calls after breakfast and says they're going to be over soon. Kasey and I change and get to lookin purty. Shawn and Crusty Moneky show up. Shawn and I go to the basement to see if his clothes are dry. They aren't so we cuddle on the bed and he sees I'm not that happy so he has to make me feel better. He tells me all sorts of stuff including: Crusty is really big, I'm the best cuddler ever and even Crusty Monkey thinks so, he's sorry he gives me so much shit and how I'm the greatest friend ever. I was just ticked about how he was giving me crap for having Kasey come visit me and then just being twofaced and being a totally sweet guy to her. He doesn't need to be giving me shit about Kasey. She's been my friend since 5th grade damn it!!!! That's a friendship with a history. Oh well...moving on. We go out to Captain Dix and Shawn applies. He gets a little interview, but he's pretty much hired. The guy and I talk a little bit. About advertising of course.

After that, Shawn drops us off at Crusty Monkey's. He changes and gets all his crap together and we got to my house. I tell my parents happy anniversary again and that I'll see them later. Then Jake, Kasey and I head off to Madison. I called Levi on the way because Saturday he said he would be coming up on Sunday and I just wanted to give him the heads up that we weren't going to be there. He answers the phone "hi kelly" in the most depressed and annoyed voice ever. I get to say hello, but he comes in with "can I call you back later?" Then I get to say "sure" but he already hung up. I know he isn't going to call me back, so I call Joey. I ask if he and Matt want to go to state street with us. We were going to pick them up but after bad directions and getting lost in the country, we asked if they would meet us there.

Urban Outfitters is the coolest store. I love it! Too bad I'm too poor to afford anything. Well, that's a lie. I did get an ID case. It's really a cigarette holder but...ya know. They're about the same thing. Matt and Joey show up...we decide to eat at Chin's Asian Food Restaurant. Yummy. Teryaki Udon Noodles. They looked like worms and tasted like barbequed pot. It was different.

After that we went back to Matt and Joey's and played Mario Cart. I got third place or something. I don't recall.

Crusty Monkey drove us home. I took a shower. We watched South Park and passed out. Good times.

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