Friday, May 16, 2003

I got to see P's hair last night. All styled and everything...I'm gonna have to say I did a wonderful job. Oh I guess I didn't say anything about it, but I dyed her hair red and then put in highlights. That was fun. I was so scared I was going to mess up, but I guess I should know that I rock at things hair/dye related. I've done P's hair so many times and so many colors. My favorite was when I did her hair two different colors of purple. It looked really good (for purple hair anyway). But horray.

Shawn came over and brought a new guy. We'll call him...Rob. Well, I've talked to Rob a little bit before. Not much, but enough to wonder why Shawn was hanging out with him. Oh well, P, Rob, Shawn and I all walked down to the park by my house and played some hack. There was a really cute guy playing basketball, but he left after a little bit. C called and said she was on her way. My mom called and said the guy we want to rent an apartment from had called, so I called him back. He was thinking about whether he was going to consider us or not because P doesn't have a job. Well, he will, but the lease is going to be in my name and my dad is going to have to co-sign. Which I think is fine with me.

But after we got that call, I got motivated to find P a job. I've been filling out applications for her because she has really bad handwriting. So we dropped a bunch off and I filled out some more on the way. That was fun, bouncing around in the car...anyway, she got an interview at one hotel while we were there so C and I played checkers. Funn times! Neither of us had played in years, so it was interesting. We didn't get to finish tho...she prolly would have won, but don't tell her I said so.

After that I was tired and wanted to sleep. So C tooks us all back. Shawn and Rob left. P started packing and C kinda hung out. [Am I eating an onion bagel] I took a shower and said my goodbyes to the girls. I gave them both "real" hugs. What is that from? I remember someone hugging the crap outta someone else and then saying it was a "real" hug. Am I going crazy? [prolly]

I then I went to bed. Apparently my phone rang cause all the sudden I'm awake and on the phone. It was Shawn. He missed me and just wanted to talk. He tried to get me to come over, but I wasn't havin it. I told him to come over, but he wasn't havin it. So we talked on the phone for an hour. From 12:30 until 1:30. We talked about a lot of things...but mostly about how great it was that we were friends, how cool it is that we're close and little things we like about each other. It was so funny. I was so close to falling asleep a couple of times and he yelled at me. Then right before we hung up, he was falling asleep. So we said goodbye and I love you like six times before we finally hung up. I fell right back asleep. Woke up this morning to White Christmas. Switched it to WJJO and then went back to sleep. I got up late and then got to work late. Oh well. It's supposed to be a Coffee Friday, but I was really late. 15 minutes late, and that's late.

So now here I am...bored. I have work to do, but I'm also answering the phones today cause the receptionist's grandfather died. That sucks so bad. But then the backup person who answers phones is gone too. So here I am, playing secretary. I feel more sexy already.

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