Thursday, May 22, 2003

I woke up in a just fine mood this morning. A little impatient, but still generally ok. And have been that way since. But I'm just so tired! I don't know why. Well, one night of sleeping doesn't exactly make up for all the sleep I've lost. Oh well. But I'm just tired and a little cranky now. I'm so sick of having to work while all my friends go have fun. My sister called me up at work and said that she stole P and Kasey and they're at the bar now. It makes me really upset to know that I'm wasting my time here when I could be spending more time with Kasey until she has to leave. Phil said he'd sign a sheet for me if I wanted to take a vaction, but I really can't afford it. Someday tho....

Another thing I'm really sick of is shy guys. Or guys that will hit on me, and then not do anything about it. And why aren't more guys hitting one me? Oh yeah, cause all the guys I hang out with are GAY! And that's a lie, they do hit on me...the reason they aren't doing anything about it is because they like men. Not fair. They tease and they play, but it's all for their amusement. I feel really bad for doing it to various guys now. But back to straight men...come on! I'm cute, funny and nice. What's the problem? The only guy that's asked me for my phone number recently was a 17 year old kid from some tiny town in the middle of bfe. So, why?

Will Brandon Boyd just come and tell me I'm the only one for him...please?

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