Wednesday, May 28, 2003

I. am. so. in. love. with. the. apartment.

It's so pretty! And it's in the corner of the building too! So we have a balcony and three windows that overlook the softball diamonds! The stove and fridge are included, plus washers and dryers are downstairs. It's just great. I'm ready to move in now. And the landlady loved us! She said we seemed very serious and responsible. Boy do we have her fooled.

So we're going to have a BOOM BOOM ROOM! I'm excited. But actually I'm getting a little nervous about it. I don't want P bringing home guys all the time. I am so not about that. I don't mind once in awhile, but she says if she has her way, I'd be meeting new friends of her's every night. That's a bit much. So we'll see about that. We need to set some rules down. Icky rules. I just want home to be a place to live. I'm not even about parties anymore. Cause I don't want the house trashed and I don't want to fuck up my first rental experience. Ya know?

Anyway, last night was fun. We had to wait for D to get to my house at 8 before we could leave. Then we drove on over to Shawn's. On the way, we heard the dj say something about playing Fever for the Flavor. So we listened to wjjo for awhile to hear it. It wasn't on. We got to Shawn's so P and I quick down a Triple Black each. Then Kasey, C, D and P left. They went to Clay's. I stayed at Shawn's while he waited for his game to save (it took forever!). Then we drove to Clay's. On the way there, I called wjjo to see if they had played it yet and it was Oz! I said hello, he talked to me in his sexy voice and then said he would hook me up with the song. It was on next and afterwards he said that it was for Kelly. YAY! Clay called right at that time to see where we were. So I didn't get to hear all he said. Damn! but ok, hi Clay. I told him P and company should be there soon, but we would be another 15 minutes.

We finally get to Clay's and just talk. I got from guy to guy talking. I know too many people sometimes. Mostly I just wanted to see Clay, because well, he might be moving back to his "home" city. Everyone knows he totally belongs where he's at. But we'll see what happens. Anyway, Clay, P and I down another Triple Black each. Then it's off to the club. On the drive, Clay sat in the front seat of C's car with me. He didn't have to, I just told him he would be cool if he did it. It's not my fault he can't stand up to peer pressure. We talked the entire way. And I tried to help him out and show him things he might not be seeing, but I don't know if I did any good. It's hard to make someone understand that the first step to getting out of a controlling relationship is realizing you're in a controlling relationship. And that's hard to do. I don't even know if that's that case, that's something for him to figure out, I just want to be there to help him when he needs it.

I have to work, I'll finish this later.

Later: So we get to the club...Crusty Monkey, P, C, D, Kasey, Tristin (?), one of his friends, Clay and I are all standing out by the car. Pelot, Crusty Monkey, Clay and I are shared the last bottle of Triple Black. It was cute, P was leaning on the car and Crusty Monkey was leaning against her and Clay was standing in front of me and he pulled my arms around him. So I asked Clay if he would be my boyfriend for the night and he said "oh yeah baby!...I have to behave anyway 'cause my boyfriend doesn't even know that I'm here." We all went in. I wanted to dance, but got sidetracked by a very, very drunk Ryan. Wow. We talked a bit, he told me about how he wasn't moving to Texas anymore and his current situation with his boyfriend(s). It was a long odd story for which he was too drunk to tell. He was all over everyone tho. I mean he was all kissing me and then going over and kissing P. Not like that's not normal or anything, he just did it a lot.

Clay finally stole me away and we danced. I love that boy! He's such a wonderful person! And when he smiles, his whole face totally lights up. Awww. I just want him happy.

It was so cute, this straight boy is living with Derrick and he was all over C. I was a little worried cause he has a girlfriend, but C is a big girl and if she needs help with anything I've got her back.

Then I had to talk with Christian while he had been drinking. He kissed me a lot too. And he did the whole tounge in ear thing, bothersome. Plus, he gave me a fuckin hickey! Not cool man! Oh well, he was drunk, I'll forgive him. He was also all about Crusty Monkey. Why? Cause Crusty Monkey is hott! And because I'm good friends with him, I was responsible for making something work. So the three of us are going to go out sometime because Crusty is a little nervous. So...yeah. That should be interesting. I work my magic so well. As a reward I got a couple of mouth shots from Chris! Yay!

I spent most of the night really fuckin hot. We decided to leave early, so good. We got home at 2. Earliest ever I'd almost say. I was getting a little bitchy at the end...I appologize. Once we were in the car, I got a little depressed. Ok, a lot depressed. Anything someone said, I was taking it as a hurtful way towards me. When people weren't talking to me I got even more depressed. I felt the whole "why do I always talk about myself?" Seriously, I felt like the most self-centered bitch last night. And I don't even think anyone noticed. Oh well huh?

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