Thursday, May 01, 2003

I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in passing, but P, C and I wil be attending a bartending college. That's right, a college so we can be bartenders. Now, most people go to a 5 hour class or something and take a silly test. That's the easy way...but silly us decided we wants to go to 3 Saturdays worth of 8 hour classes 3 hours away. Smart. We're actually getting a super sweet deal. Normally it costs $599. But we're only paying $250 each. How nice is that? Oh well, we're going to learn how to make a bunch of drinks, get the most tips and to say no when people are too drunk. I'm sure there is more, but P is the one who set most of this up...so we'll see what happens when we go.

DAMN! IT'S MAY DAY!! I meant to make May Day baskets, wake up early and hang them on my friend's doors...shit. Oh well. Some other time I guess....like next year. Or June Day baskets.

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