Thursday, May 15, 2003

Oh my goodness I completely forgot the most exciting news of all. I was sitting there talking with C and P when the phone rings. It was for P so I'm a little silly and ask out loud if P was there. She wouldn't get up to get the phone and I wasn't getting up. She asked who it was as she reached for it, so I took the phone back and asked. The guy was a little rude and said she just needed to get off her butt and answer the phone. Temper, temper. I handed it to her. It was a buddy (Winky) from basic or AIT or something...anyway P was kinda talking about me (cause I'm her roommate and just about the most fun person she knows!) when she says "Yeah, she the one in love with Tantric" then she turns and says to me "Hugo says Hi". Winky is a dj or something and has been really close friends with Hugo for a long time. Anyway YAY!!! I silently freak out, the calmly says "Oh, tell him I said hey." Then I proceed to go into the kitchen and silently freak out some more! I mean come on. I know I'll prolly never really meet him and never get a chance to cultivate a friendship or anything...but hey, how often does that happen?

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