Friday, May 30, 2003

Ok, I'm happy, but disapointed at the same time.

We signed the lease yesterday. yay. But at the same time, there are all sorts of stupid rules that we're supposed to follow. No visitors more than 2 day/nights in a row without giving notice to the managment, you have to have written permission to have a person stay over two weeks, 1 car per apartment...silly stupid things like that. And then this is the worst of all. I asked about adding someone to our lease and she said no way. Not ever. She wouldn't have even considered apporoving us if there was someone else applying. I almost didn't want to sign it after that. Cause, seriously, that's not cool. So Clay can't come live with us. That makes me so sad. But then P signed it and so I did. My dad looked at the place and told her a couple of things wrong with it (yay dad!). But we got the keys and can start moving our stuff in on Sunday. This is going to be a long weekend.

After the whole apartment thing, we went to Kitchen (with Kasey, Shawn and C) to meet some of P's friends from her hometown. We walked up the strip and ate at Culver's. Mmmm, yummy custard. Crusty Monkey met us there. Another of their friends called and they talked him to drive the hour drive to see them. When we got done eating we walked down to the park. We played on the swings, slides and did whatever. Shawn and I checked out guys on the basketball court. That was fun. Crusty Monkey and P had "sex" on the playground equipment and swings. Crusty Monkey and I had a romantic experience. We were talking, he turned and looked at me and asked "Can I kiss you?" I said sure and he said, "Ok, but let's be romantic." So we held hands and skipped through the grass. Then we tumbled ("SLOWLY! If these pants get grass stained so help me God Kelly") and rolled for a half turn, realized the grass was wet and jumped up. Instead we spun circles and laughed gleefully. Then we stopped, looked at each other deep into our eyes and slowly met for a kiss. Then I blew it by laughing.

The guy that we were meeting showed up. We went back to Kitchen...blah blah blah

Tonight, my parents are taking me to get some furniture. Cause we have none. Well, we have beds. It's going to be a fun trip to Madison. After shopping we're going over to Christian's and staying the night there. So we leave for Milwaukee in the morning...again. This is killling me! I know C and P are going to be reading and I have to drive. PLEASE JUST TALK WITH ME! Mainly because I don't want to fall asleep and drive off the road, but also because I know I'm going to be in a miserable mood and talking will help me get over that.

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