Monday, May 05, 2003

Ok it was a good time. Really. I'm just so sick of telling it already.

Friday - The concert rocked my world. The opening band really sucked. I dug one song and it was only the beginning. The lead singer did the thong song shake better than anyone I've seen. They played like hard rock church music cause there was an organ-y type sound going on in the background. The second band Queens of the Stone Age totally rawked! C and I were down in the pit the entire time already and had a frickin blast durring their set. Then in between them and the Peppers I saw a guy who looked familar. I was about to turn to C and tell her that he looked like someone I used to be in love with from k-4th grade, when he turned to me and said:
hotguy: is your last name xxxxx?
me: yeah, how did you know?
hotguy: Katie...no Kelly xxxxx?
me: yeah, oh my gosh! how do I know you?
hotguy: we went to school together...
me: what's your name?
hotguy: Colin xxxx.
me: wow
hotguy: ANNA!!! (his girlfriend was across the crowd a bit_

Disapointing I know. But then I had a hot guy pinned to my body and I forgot all about. Then then Peppers came on...after a half hour. But DIZ-AM!! I don't even know what the first song was cause I got my ass kicked so bad. A guy was holding on to my from the back and helping me out. He was strong! Then inbetween songs he asked me to go get a beer with him. I say I'm only 18, but he says he can get me one anyway. I wasn't interested at all so I told him I needed to find my friend. Which I did! C was somewhere else entirely. But strangely enough, I found her. So we needed to get out of there. We exited the mosh pit during By the Way. Now you wouldn't that it was a song you could mosh to very well, but it is. I'm in pain as we speak. But it was so worth it. C and I went and got a soda and then ran our asses back inside to watch the rest of the show. Lovely. I enjoyed it very much and wish to go see them again someday. Soon hopefully. I take back everything bad I've ever said about the Peppers and them getting softer in their older years. I'm so sorry.

After the concert, I called a bunch of people trying to find out what was going on like I was asked to. No one answered their flippin phones except Clay. But he wasn't a whole lot of help on directions. Eventually we got a hold of Levi and he directed us into getting lost and finding us again. We picked him up somewhere downtown and drove on back to his house. C and I freshened up and changed and then drove on back to the TPS dance. I was so tired! But I danced anyway LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! (Deana Carter for those who didn't know.)

After the dance, we stood around on the steps trying to decide what to do. Well, they did...I sat down or walked around trying not to listen to people. I guess it was decided to go to an afterbar, so I hopped into C's car with her, Clay and Mir (a new really cool, really hyper, really fun guy). We followed whoever back to Levi's house and then went to the after bar. I met a bunch of cool people who I'll prolly never see again. Too-Tall Matt was really drunk and telling me who exactly he would fuck and who he would give oral pleasure to. Joey wanted to make out with me again but never made it across the room to do it. Cutie Jake got hit on left and right...then his jacket got stolen.

After the afterbar, we stood around on the driveway trying to decide what to do. So we went to Denny's. With Aric, Seth, Mir, P, Cutie Jake and C. That was so much fun. The guys are so funny. And catty.

I'll finish later.

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