Thursday, May 08, 2003

Ok a shit-ton of stuff has been going on...but I'll try to remember what happened and when...no promises.

So after we ate and laughed a lot at Denny's, the sun was comming up and it was time for us to lay down and sleep. We hugged our goodbyes and drove into the sunrise. Not really, C and I went to Clay's to take him some food. I didn't get paid for it...but I guess it's not a big deal. (Or at least it wasn't a big deal until I got a bank statement yesterday saying I had overdrafted from my checking account). C and I found our way to Levi's...the sleeping arangements were strange so to avoid hopping into bed right away I went out into the garage...to pass the time I poked some holes in a can...until it started looking like something to smoke out of .... then P got her stuff and we smoked. Picture it: A nicy sunny morning at 7:15 and here's Mir, C, P and I standing around in a circle passing a soda can around...it looked pretty funny...at least to me. When we finished, to get rid of the evidence there was a gutter across the street...I decided to give that mission to Mir. He fuckin pranced down the driveway and across the street...then squealed "MY CAN" when he 'accidently' dropped it into the gutter. Then pranced back up to where we were. C, Mir and I passed out in Levi's roommates bed at 8.

Saturday - woke up at 2. C went home. P, Cutie Jake and I went to State Street. hung out for a couple hours...came home. Shawn and Josh came over later, followed closly by Cutie Jake again. Shawn, Josh, P and I went to Walmart... high. P and I came home and giggled. I'm pretty sure she went to the bar after that but...I dunno, I fell asleep.

Sunday - woke up at 10:30 and got on the computer. Wrote all about this expericence and then it got deleted. Sucky fuckin blogger. Oh well. I was going to get highlights in my hair cause I was bored but the store was closed. Fuck them. Ummm...yeah...I have a really bad memory by now...oh yeah. Levi called and asked if I would go pick up his little sister from their mom's cause there was a huge fight going on. I agreed and P came with. Shawn and Josh came over again and we all went to Cutie Jake's house. Smoked on the way. Cody from (insert strange sounding town here) was there...we can call him Cody2. He was already high too. But we all just kinda chilled. Played some games, looked at some magazines, laughed. Eventually Tarrah, Cody2 and I went on a walk. Not sure why. But we did. Came back...hung out. I needed to go to the store. NEEDED to go to the store. So Cutie Jake was going to let me take his car...but we couldn't find the keys. It took forever, but finally I found them and off P and I went. We got back and sat in the car....we thought it was funny. C walked right past us and didn't even look up.

Eventually P, C, Tarrah and I went back to my house. They all watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I showered and went to sleep. I still haven't seen that movie.

Monday - Work work work. When I got home I was waiting for my parents to be ready to go to my sisters, but C shows up! Pleasant surprise. She brought pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! We look totally hot! I had so much fun doing it and then the pictures were just as great as I hoped they would be...unfortunately, I had to leave. Over at my sisters...we ate and watched wrestling. Shawn called to see what was going on. Nothing really, P was in Madison and I was packing to go to MN again. He said I should come over but Cutie Jake called earlier and wanted to do something. I should have said no to both of them...instead I drove the half hour to Shawn's house to see his new room and hang out with him. Nice nice real nice. Cutie Jake (crusty monkey!) wasn't really happy with me but I think he's over it now. Shawn and I hung out, smoked, talked, looked at pictures. He wants to do his whole wall covered in pictures of P, C, himself and I. I think he might want some of Crystal too, but I don't recall. Then we had the greatest idea of all time. We mixed koolaid with soda. It was great! Then not so great. It wasn't a good idea at all cause it tasted like ass. We drank it anyway. I followed him to work scared outta my mind. I hate driving high. Then to drive when I'm high, tired and on the interstate...not fun. Oh well. I made it home safe...then P wanted to smoke. She peer pressured me into smoking with her...not that it's that hard or anything. We giggled and then fell asleep.

Tuesday - woke up. came to work. went to minnesota. blah. Did nothing work related all day.

Wednesday - woke up. did about an hours worth of work. drove home. I got home at 8:30...just in time for South Park. P and C were already in the basement. I didn't really watch it tho. It was an old one. I called a bunch of people who had called while I was gone. Then watched the new South Park. Beppo called right before I could call him. It was neato. Then I went to pick up Crusty Monkey (cutie jake) and he, P and I went to Kitchen. There wasn't really anything exciting in Kitchen last night. I saw J and things are still a little strange between us. Mike led me to believe that J might just have a touch of homosexuality in him which made me severly depressed for the rest of the night. Why? Why why why why? Seriously if he actually came out some day this would be the 4th or maybe even 5th ex-boyfriend of mine to say he was gay. How fuckin depressing. I just can't get away from the gay community and it sucks so bad sometimes. I love my friends to death! But it's extremely frusterating.

It got a little better later when I got P and Mike to crab walk across Kitchen for me...well, with me cause they would only do it if I did it....so what the hell? I did it. Crusty Monkey/Cutie jake got a picture of it. Hahaha, can't wait to see that one. DORK!

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