Monday, May 26, 2003

So it's been awhile hasn't it? Sorry. Actually no I'm not. Because now I'll have something to do instead of just sit here today. Good times.

Well, Thursday let's see...Thursday we went to Shawn's. I get so annoyed when people aren't ready. I mean, I was at work all day Thursday and when I got home, I changed and then was ready to go. P still had to do makeup and run to the liquor store and do this and that when she didn't really have anything to do the entire day! But moving on. I was bringing a bottle of Vanilla Dr. A big bottle. P got a case of Smirnoff Triple Black and a bottle of Blue Puckers. We are the giving sort. It takes us awhile (stupid Mr. SemiTrucker got stuck while managing to block the entire road) but finally we make it to his house. There are a couple of different people there. I knew one out of four. Oh well. Shawn and I leave right away for Madison to pick up his new interest Matt and also Joey and Too-Tall Matt. We only got lost a little bit while looking for the correct McDonalds. Then over to Matt and Joey's, Joey also had a friend going. There ended up being Too-Tall Matt, Joey, Shamiqua and me in the backseat, while Matt sat shotgun and Shawn drove. It was crazy.

Back at the party, I called my buddy SD. Remember him? He's the guy from a town 4 hours away and I'm going to marry him. Yeah, him. So we talk for a little while, catch up on all the nothing that has happened in our lives. That was kinda cool. He may come visit me sometime soon. Or not so soon. We'll see. But after I got off the phone with him I called WJJO and requested a song (Fever for the Flavor). The DJ was Oz and he was just talking with P and I, well, more like trying to get us to have sex. "there's nothing hotter than girl-on-girl action". Right....umm, no? But we talked for awhile and I got to give advice and whatnot to some people who called in. I felt pretty special (ed). But then it was really cool because he played the song I requested and before he did he said something like "this is fever for the flavor for Kelly and P. I'm trying to get them to do some girl-on-girl action but they're at a party right now with a bunch of gay guys. You know they'd be all 'stop it thats soooo gross' so maybe they should wait for a worthy audience. Anyway, this is for Kelly and P." So that was totally worth it. The whole time he was saying that, I was laughing and pointing at the guys. They were laughing too.

Shamiqua, Too-tall Matt and Joey left. Someone came and picked them up. They missed out on a fun time.

So most of the night was spent pretty drunk. And kinda stoned. It was fun. I didn't feel drunk unless I tried to walk. Then I couldn't move. But the thing is if I stopped moving, everything else moved. So yeah, I was pretty drunk. But I was still sober enough to be President 4 times while playing asshole. I was finally asshole and then we all quit. Horray for me.

Shawn drank a lot. When he snuck away to the bathroom, I figured he was sick. So I gave him a few minutes and then went in there. I told him I was going to hold his hair. Really I just sat with him and made sure he was ok. When he was done, I took him to his bed and got him a glass of water. Then Beppo called. I was shocked. I had called him earlier to talk. I left a message and didn't expect him to call back. So Kasey and I went downstairs. I laid on a couch and talked to Beppo. Kasey got the pillows off the couch and laid on the floor. Eventually we both just passed out. Me first tho, cause she was pretty much sober.

Friday - The we both woke up at 9:30. Kinda early. But we went upstair cause it was freezing. Poor Kasey. I at least had a blanket. She had my sweatshirt, her sweatshirt and I don't even know what else. Everyone else kinda woke up while we were there. We sat and talked a little bit, trying to remember things from the night before. I looked at my text messages and this is what I had:

To SD at 10:
So high hi! yo Sha! Gurll, id do it for the dj! Bottom of bottle. Beard ladies in case u wondered? Babysitter!
To Crusty Monkey at 10:26:
It's J-Lo. "dude it's a sprite commercial!"
To Crusty Monkey at 10:52:
Ya know what? I almost fell? Ya know what else? I forgot. Peanut. I don't uoerstand
To Joey at 10:53:
Uv got the biggest peanut butter ive eva seen!
To Crusty Monkey at 12:11:
If i stop moving evfsything eles moves
From Crusty Monkey at at 12:20:
Do you start moving when everything stops moving
To Crusty Monkey at 12:16:
U totally understand! Little mermaid=fun sing along!
To Crusty Monkey at 12:22:
Ahhhh? U cried i wiped away all ur tears. 6 ft taco w/ double ds
From Crusty Monkey at 12:26:
From Crusty Monkey at 12:28:
Do i help them? YES I DO!
From Crusty Monkey at 12:32:
Sweatpants-Burrito Supreme and ball-sack lunch
To Crusty Monkey at 12:32:
How it could have disapeared like that . Stupid pot. I just spit all over u

So yeah, that's how that went. We drove on over to McDonalds for food. Too late for breakfast of course. But we got lunch and yum. Goody! The drive on over to my house. Shawn had an interview for a restaurant/resort so Matt hung out with us while Shawn did his thing. Crusty Monkey came over and tried to get us to go to the lake. Instead, we sat out in my front yard and played erf. I did better than I did before, but I still really suck. And am a bad loser. So that was ended. Matt and I played catch. I was blowing the seeds off a dandelion at one time and Matt threw the ball. It hit me right above my knee. If it had hit my knee, I would have screamed. Loudly.

Oh well. We get back, Crusty leaves right away to go tanning. I take a shower. While I'm there Shawn gets back. We talk for a bit and then he and Matt leaves. I say goodbye to my parents as they are camping this weekend and say hello to my aunt Gwen who will be taking care of the animals.

C, P and I have class the next day (sat) in Milwaukee. I listen to the phone messages and C is talking about how she isn't going to be driving tonight. Ok the other day I offered to drive if she didn't want to. If I was going to be driving I would have gotten the oil changed on my car and did the all the proper before-road-trip things to my car. But then I had about 15 minutes to do all this shit all the sudden. So I got pissed off. Well, that and I hate driving, we don't really know where we're going, I had barely slept the night before and was just getting a hangover. Oh well. So C gets there and we leave. Then no one talks to me. Seriously, no one. I was a lot ticked. Cause I was falling asleep. Ok, you would think these people knew me a little better. I get into a better mood by talking. I wake up by talking. So what do people do? READ!! I was even more fuckin pissed off. So I stopped in Madison for gasoline and a bit of food. The girl whose house we were going to stay at calls and says that the 4 of us can't all stay there. P wanted to get a hotel room in Milwaukee. I just wanted to stay in Madison and sleep. So we called around. Starting with Levi, then Clay, then Joey, finally we got ahold of Christian. He said it would be just fine! We met him at the mall and then we all drove over to his house. It was great. We watched Van Wilder and got pizza. The pizza tasted a little funny, but ya know...what can ya do? P and I had an excellent talk before bed.

Saturday - We woke up at 6. Got ready. Woke Christian up with our lovely kisses to say goodbye. Left at 7. Stopped at McDonalds. Yummy! Then was on our way. We found the place super easily. Spent the day learning about fake ids, driving under the influence and how to make sour drinks. We spent about an hour practicing at the end. It was fun. The "teacher" was a bit distracting. He was a cutie. Not hot, but still good looking and funny.

We drove back to my house. The plan was to have a campfire. But I could get ahold of no one. Seriously, there was no answer at Shawn's, Christian's voice mail said he was out of town for the weekend, Crusty Monkey was at work, Stephy was busy, Levi didn't answer...pretty much anyone I called was busy/gone. So...yeah. Kasey, C and I were just going to have one for us, but I crashed. I fell asleep on the floor in the living room while we were all watching Sex talk with Sue/talking. Soft core porn had just started and the girls were all laughing and making fun of Kasey for wanting to watch it! But I was totally passed out. I woke up after a bit and moved to my bed. P went to the bar. C went home. And Kasey watch Maury (which is what she really wanted to watch, not BLISS).

Sunday - I woke up at 9:30, 9:31, 9:32, 9:33, 9:37, 9:41 and 11:30 or so. I actually got up at 11:30 tho. I made pancakes. Really good pancakes. P tokes care of her army stuff on the living room floor and I made our bartending flash cards. Kasey hung out and talked with us. I know we all said a lot of funny things, but I don't know what. Crusty Monkey calls and wants us to go hang out where there are a lot of people due to tourist season starting. We decline, with a lot of stuff to accomplish. I take my aunt to Walmart and end up buying a lot of stuff. I don't know how it ended up costing me $50, but yeah...it did. I got a new shirt ($7), two new belt buckles ($4), 3 pairs of underware (each $.50, strange strange underware), a new bra ($2), cream cheese ($3) and not much else. So yeah...gonna have to look at that receipt.

D ended up coming over. Remember her? Well, she was my best friend from 15 until 18. Then we kinda grew apart. She became a mother and a gamer. I became a working stiff and fruit fly. But I got to see my godson! He's so cute. I love that baby. 8 months now. Anyway, D and I talk and play catch. We say we need to hang out more instead of just saying that. She doesn't have a phone tho so that makes it a little more difficult. We also only live 4 blocks away.

So the four of us all hang out downstairs for a bit. I get tired. So I say goodnight to everyone and take a shower. I'm almost in bed when the phone rings. It's my sister wanting to know if I want to come over. There's going to be a little smoke-a-thon and I'm invited. WooHoo, but no, it's time to sleep. So she says she'll call me back in a bit. I say ok and fall asleep. The phone rings later and it's her. We talk for a half hour or something, all the while I'm falling asleep. Finally I can fall asleep!

Today (Monday) - I wake up when what I think is the alarm going off, I try to hit snooze but it doesn't work. Then I realize it's my phone ringing. So I answer it. Shawn had to call me up to tell me that we're going to make a band. C is going to be the drummer, I'm going to play bass (YES!!!!!) and sing (NOOO!!!!), P is going to play guitar and sing and he's going to sing and play piano/keyboard. I try to talk him out of making me sing, but he's not havin it. It's kinda funny how he thinks this is a new idea to us when we've been talking about it for a long time. So maybe I'll finally stop talking about it and actually do it. I hope so. So it's 4:59 in the morning. We talk for a half hour or something and then I go back to sleep, only to wake up at 7 and come to work. SUCKY! But there isn't anyone here due to the fact that it's Memorial Day. I however, took Friday off instead. Big deal. This worked out better for me anyway.

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