Wednesday, May 21, 2003

What a hellish day this has already been. Seriously, I woke up late, looking like crap with wet hair and then had to run out to my car. A train was blocking the way I normally go, traffic was bad were I ended up going and I had to take a detour anyway for construction. It was only by pure lucky (and a lead foot) that I got to work on time.

I got off work at 3 yesterday. Went home and changed. C drove P, Kasey and I to Shawn's. I opened my MRE that P got me from drill. It looked like fun, I only at the shortbread cookies, but damn, I was so hyper. I don't think it was the cookies really, but C said she had the brownie from her's earlier and it made her wired too. But I was talking to myself and not ever realizing it. It was pretty funny.

From Shawn's we all piled into his car. I was the navigator and we found the place relatively easy. We only made one wrong turn and that's because of the stupid directions we had. We managed to make it up. But Parking in Milwaukee...damn. $17. I'm so used to $4 parking in Madison. I even asked the guy if he was kidding when he said that. He assured me he was not and then I gave him the money. Ouch. I was down to $11. Couldn't even get a t-shirt now.

We get all frisked and then go inside. Stand in line by the bar for an hour. Then move into the concert hall and stand waiting for another hour. First band up was Reach 454. They're from New York and I liked them, except for a chorus in almost every song, they repeated the same 5 words. I don't mean every song had the same five words, but it would be like "take me or leave me, take me or leave me" something like that. Second band was 12 Stones. They rocked my world. I really enjoyed watching them...especially the bassist. It is my opinion that the bassist/bass player is the coolest member of the band (I wish to be that someday). But he was really cool.

During these two bands, I was getting shoved around by these little girls standing next to me. I say little because they were all 5"5' or less. As old as me, just little. I ended up nex to this really cute guy. 12 stones threw a water bottle out into the crowd for people to drink, he had it and let me have some as long as he could have the bottle. Whatever, I was just thirsty. So we started talking a little bit. A girl from behind us starts talking to us too and then a guy next to us. So we're having this little pow wow. It was neato. Then I found out the cute guy was 16 (Kevin), the girl was 18 (still in school, dunno her name) and the other guy was 17 (Joe). Wow.

Someone tapped my shoulder and I look, there's this guy pointing at P who is trying to say hi from up next to the fence! What? Not fair. She was trying to pull me up sorta, but no one was havin that. The next band started, I was in a bad spot and they really sucked. So I found C and asked if she wanted to go get water. She agreed and off we went. We passed Kasey so we picked her up too! We got our water and then went upstairs to look at mOrchindise. There was a cool 12 stones shirt I wanted but it was only in XL and I dislike wearing shirts that will be too big (I should have tho). So Kasey and I got the same shirt. We're cool. I actually had two people ask about the shirt I was wearing (the Joe Mamma one). I had fun.

We went back downstairs and kind merged back into the crowd. Didn't get to go far. But that's ok. Evanesence came out and everyone went crazy. It was great. Amy was wearing a fairy dress and wings with striped tights. I just loved it. Then Joe came up to me and we talked a bit. I was talking, but also just watching and listening and singing and dancing...it was great. Amy is just the most beautiful singer and person. But Joe ends up getting my number and then when Evanesence is finished he gives me his bracelet and says he'll call. Ok, sure, whatever.

C, Kase and I couldn't find P and Shawn and the plan was to meet at the car. We go to it, take a seat on the ground and wave at random people driving by. Some were cool, others were not. We waited for 10 minutes or so when P walks up and yells to us that we're "fuckin' idiots" and "we're going to wait to meet them". So we walk all the way back (oh golly a whole block) and stand in line. The guys from 12 Stones come out and we meet them. The lead singer is Paul, he's a cutie, I'd jump his bones. P and I talked to him for a little while. Then off to the bassist. Wowo. He was talking to some other chicks, but I pulled out a cigarette and asked if he had a light, it was smooth. He lit is and then started talking to us. Kevin explained the difference between bass player and a bassist. He is a bassist. (I wish to be one.) Then the lead guitar, Aaron actually signed my Evanesence ummm, play bill thingy? I had just gotten it or I would have had Paul and Kevin sign it too. Oh well. Then back to the line. P and I had fun, Shawn and C froze their asses off and Kasey took turns laughing at all of us. P and I were singing Nos and dancing. Well, singing and dancing and jumping and talking to random people. I saw the girl that I had talked to earlier that night and she gave me and Shawn both a sticker. YAY! An actual Evanesence sticker. It took a while and we froze while waiting, but Amy came out and signed stuff. She signed both my play bill thingy and my sticker. It was exciting. Shawn was freaking out because he got to hug her.

We left, got back on the interstate and drove the hour and a half back to Shawn's. I fell asleep in Shawn's car first and then in C's car. I'm so glad C drove to Shawn's cause there was no way I could have driven. The strange thing is I remember listening to all the songs on the cd we were listening to, but all the sudden it was the beginning and I thought someone had changed it and I was pissed. Too tired to say anything, but mad. I also had some really strange thoughts and thinking they were strange thoughts, but I don't remember what they were.

Two people called while we were in the car, but my phone put them to voice mail for some reason. Levi called to ask about the concert and say the reason he didn't go was because I didn't call him. He told me he would call me back on Sunday and he sounded pissed off so I didn't dare call him first. Come on. He could have called me too. Then in C's car, Shawn called just to say Goodnight and that he loved me. What a sweetie.

I took a shower and went to bed. I was asleep around 3:45 only to wake up at 7:23. That sucks. So tonight, guess who's crashing early? That's right, me! I feel better after typing this, but I'm still crabby as all hell, so watch out.

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