Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Wow O. Last night...hmmm.

I got home and P informed me that C had called and would not be attending the Club this particular evening because she had to study for finals. I had kinda guessed that would happen but was still holding out a little hope that she would still go. P and I left around 6. I wore my new shirt! It's green and in yellow on the front it says "JOE" and on the back it says "Momma". Anyway, we were talking about meeting both Crusty Monkey and Shawn but ended up not seeing either. Instead we did what was planned and went to Joey's. We hung out with Clay for a little bit, that was fun. I hardly see him! And he wasn't going to the club either! What's up with these people?

P and I were hungry so we decided we needed to go to Noodles & Co. We had to wait for Joey to hurry up and get ready tho. He was a little slow this time due to the fact that he made 8 trays of jello shots. But off we went. We had a lot of fun eating. My mac and cheese was super cheesey! Not that I like that or anything. I really don't actually.

Later...at the club. Lots of people. Of course, it's was the night of the Wet Boxer Contest! Shawn, Crusty Monkey, Aaron and Josh all signed up. Well, Josh didn't really sign up...he got signed up. Aaron and Crusty Monkey went all the way to the finals. Crusty actually got second or third, I never knew which. But all my boys looked great.

Oh I got pissed off last night. Fuckin ready to stomp this fake bitch. If you remember a while ago I was talking about this other huge faghag that used to hang out with both Shawn and Crusty Monkey...well Crusty was standing there talking to P and I when she walks up, grabs him and pulls him away. P turns to me all pissed off and says "She didn't even cheer for him, she cheered for the guy that won." Well, no. That's not cool. So Foxy H can just piss off for all I care.

It was kinda boring actually. My guys were up first and then it just lasted and lasted and lasted. So Jacob and I actually danced a bit behind all the people crowed to see the show. It was fun. Ryan was there and he had a boyfriend by the end of the night...a cute one too. He said he'd be more that happy to take us to Chicago...which Levi was always supposed to do but hasn't yet. I'm thinkin Friday the 23rd. I don't work! YAY! But yeah.

By the end of the night I was getting really tired. I hadn't danced a lot and I think that was part of it. But I was tired until I went outside and Levi had pulled his car around with his nice system thumpin. P, Shawn, Boy-Cody, Jason, Levi, a couple other people and I were all having a blast dancing in the parking lot. Seriously, it was great. Shawn turned to me and said "This is for you" and then danced the little routine thingy that he's supposed to be teaching me.

Then I followed Levi and Crusty Monkey followed me and we went to Joey's for the afterbar. The drive was the best frickin time in the world. P and I were totally jamming to Salt n' Peppa's None of Your Business. Like...it was insane. Then we listened to the first couple of songs on RENT. It was great.

At the afterbar, we talked to the important people. Too-Tall walked up to me and said "We've been here for how long 10 minutes and I've had 13 jello shots can I hold your boob?" I said he could any time he wanted. P and I smoked a cigarette and then tried to leave...it took about 10 minutes. I made some new friends in the time that P was saying good bye to everyone else. Like this really hot drag queen...wow. She looks better than I do. And Jailbait J. I've heard of him before, he's 16 and fun to talk to. Aaron also gave me a goodbye present. A fuckin bruise on my boob cause he bit me three times really hard. P got one too.

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