Thursday, May 29, 2003

Yay for us! The apartment lady called us yesterday and said that all we needed to do was get my dad to co-sign and we could have the place. So P is calling her today and setting something up for tomorrow so we can sign papers. Cool beans man! But there's more. More? MUCH MORE!

Clayton called last night to see what was up and have a little chat. We talked for 20 minutes or so. Then I was talking to my mom about the place we're getting and she asked if anyone was going to live with us. Then it hit me. I don't want Clay to move to Illinois. Clay doesn't really want to move to Illinois...so I ran out into the living room and asked her if she thought it would be cool if Clay lived with us. She got just as excited as I did and I ran to call him. I told him about it and he just seemed kinda shocked. He said he would think about it and talk with his parents about it.

I went to bed after South Park, a shower and parts of Rodger Rabbit. Clay called at 11:43 and told me he was really happy we invited him, asked some of the details and then said he would call me tomorrow (today). I think he's excited about it too. So then I was all awake and happy. So P and I stayed up talking about all sorts of stuff. Relationships and how stupid we are about them. Why we're all stupid about them. How we are afraid for some of our friends. How cool it will be to finally live together. Well...in our own place cause really we've been living together for awhile now. Shawn called to try and get one of us to call Matt and ask him out for Shawn. Then he called again to tell us not to cause he would do it himself. Finally I got to sleep at 1:30 or so. Woke up at 7...at work...proof-reading stupid sheets of paper. Ecky.

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