Tuesday, May 27, 2003


I'm getting off work at 3 on this lovely day. Three!! Ya know why? Well, for one because it's a lovely day. For two because P and I are going to look at a place! I'm not sure if it's an apartment or a house, but it's a three bedroom. Three!! And it's only $550 a month. Good lord! But she said it was a small three bedroom. So we'll see. It's not like we need a ton of room, but with an extra bedroom, if the living room is small, we have another place to hang out. YAY!

What a day. I didn't even have to take a nap over lunch. Instead I sat outside for a bit and read my book. Not the book I wanted to read, but a book nonetheless. It was marvelous, until a fricken bee decided that I smelled good, cause he wouldn't leave me alone until I went inside. It was a strange lunch. I didn't get a lot accomplished. Strange how that works. Not really.

My goodness, my sister said I was cool yesterday. Which isn't all that odd, but she just sounded so impressed. I was shocked. I was just sitting in the Burger King booth, wearing Kasey's new hat, my gumby shirt and my sunglasses, sucking on a candy cigarette. I'm going to hope she was refering to how I don't care how dorky I look instead of how I actually looked.

20 minutes later she yelled at me for pissing her boyfriend off. Sorry, wait, nope I'm not. I'm not about to adjust my behavior for anyone. Especially him.

Candy cigarettes kinda taste like sucker sticks. Kinda like paper.

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