Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Eww. I do not like sushi. I tried it. Twice. I just can't handle it.

After work, Shawn and C were waiting for me. I gave C three cards I made while I was bored at work...I think she liked them. Off we went to the sushi place. Shawn was driving like a madman. I didn't have my seatbelt on cause I was in the backseat and on the phone...so it's harder to put on so I just didn't. I started off sitting on the passenger side, we went around the corner and all the sudden I was in a little ball behind Shawn who was driving. Just as quick I was back to sitting on the other side again. I may have injured my nose in the incident...

We went and got sushi. Ew. I tried, I thought it looked good, but no. I didn't like it. It's not that it tasted bad...it's that I couldn't handle the texture. The taste was a little strange...I don't like crab so that was a problem. But it was just yuck. I had to stop eating it. Shawn had a bite of C's, then later he fuckin burps the loudest ever and it stank like ass! So no...sushi is not a friend.

The plan was to get high and bake C a cake. Well, Shawn and I smoked and then everyone got really lazy. Strange, huh? There was a big discussion on Veggie oil and another one about lighters. When Shawn and I went out to smoke we talked about friends and a lot about C. Just going on about how great she is hanging out with us on her birthday and how there really isn't anyone like her. She's just completely different than a lot of people and how extremely cool she is. Then we went on and on about how great it is that that four of us are friends. P, C, Shawn and I. I had a theory about that. Even tho I introduced everyone in the group to each other, it was destiny that we be friends. Because Shawn and P went to the same high school for a couple of years, but never met each other even tho they had a shit ton of mutual friends. It took C and I a couple of years before we met even tho we had mutual friends. Shawn used to drive by my house to visit a friend and wonder about it. But we all met up again. P and I met at work. Shawn and I met at the mall and then the club. C and I already knew each other and all the sudden we're a group. We had a really deep conversation about it and both of us were tearing up. What babies.

C left and Shawn passed out. Sometimes I'm really nice and it really sucks. Remember how Shawn just talked for an hour or two telling me about him, well, last night I was talking about me and he passed out. I understand tho cause he worked from Sunday night at 6 pm until Monday morning at 8 and then hung out with C all day so he hadn't slept in a long time.

Tonight we plan on celebrating more 'cause it's club night. Not a lot of people knew it was C's birthday but we're going to party anyway.

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