Monday, June 02, 2003

Friday - After work, P, Kasey and I went to the thrift store to look at furniture. P and I both like ugly stuff, but we took it to a whole new extreme with what we bought. Icky. I got a couch. It looks pretty good. It's kinda gold and nice. I also got a bar table. That is way uber cool. P got three chairs. Ugly as ugly can be. Wow. We'll have to see how this turns out. My sister might give me her coffee table so we don't really have to get that.

So the plan was to stay at Christians right? Well, things don't always go to plan. P, C, Kasey and I all drove to Madison together. We met up with my parents at Fazoli's. Yum, except I bit my tounge really really hard and was spitting blood for a little while. Anyway, after dinner I had to stay goodbye to Kasey. I really didn't want to, but I did. I managed to not cry until I was in the car and even then it was a little sniffle or two. I know, I'm a baby. So we go over to Levi's and hang out there for a bit. I got to discuss with a drunk Greg why he doesn't like women. And learned that he doesn't really like us, but just tolerates us...because we're female. I also met Levi's new roommate Saukie. He's pretty cool.

We talk to Christian on the phone and he said he was at the club (he couldn't remember his address or directions on how to get there...he had been drinking...quite a bit). So we were going to meet him there. We drive on over (this is at 11:00 or so) and he's not there and his phone is turned off. So I called Levi to ask him Clay's number (by the way, my phone wasn't working and I had to borrow my dad's). Levi tells me we can just stay at his house, but he's leaving and will be back later. So we drive back (11:45). Saukie opens the liquor cabinet and tells me to make a drink for him. So I do. First off, a Grateful Dead. Which is like a long island ice tea, but instead of coke use Chambord. It doesn't sound good, but it rocks!! Then I made a couple others involving oj and Tropical punch schnapps. yum. I didn't get to drink a whole lot cause I was driving on Saturday, but everyone else enjoyed their drinks. Yay. I got to talk to Levi a little bit. I was laying in his bed and he came and laid with me. Oh well, I went to bed at 2:30. I woke up with a yell from the most horrible dream at 3:40. I could hear them in the other room so I almost went out there, but didn't. Oh well. Went back to sleep.

Saturday - Woke up at 6. Ate at McDonald's. Drove to Milwaukee. Class was fun. There were a lot more guys this time. YAY! But also more girls, it was a big class. We learned two liquor drinks, shooters and exotics. But ponytail Bob told us lots of stories.

The drive home was horrible! I mean, I would have had a ton of fun, but I was so falling asleep. P and I talked and sang a lot. I'm very grateful she talked to me. Even tho we would be talking about nothing (we were repeating ourselves and talking about the dumbest stuff), the act was keeping me awake. Plus Shawn called and said something that pissed me off. We were supposed to hang out on Tuesday, just the two of us, but Matt called him and Shawn invited him to hang out with us. I like Matt, don't get me wrong, but Shawn would have freaked out if I invited someone to hang out with us, if it was supposed to be just the two of us. Anyway, he said I was being bitchy, which pissed me off even more. So we hung up. He called later and talked to P, which annoyed me cause I was really falling asleep.

Back at my house, I read something Kasey left me and started to cry. I miss hanging out with her soo much! Once I started I couldn't really stop. I've been so nervous about the move, missing my parents, going totally broke, Shawn was mad (Even tho I had a right to be a little annoyed, I'm way too sensitive) and just stress was just totally piling up. I felt a bit better after that. P was still on the phone with Shawn, so while she did something I talked to him and I cried some more while we talked.

P and I started watching Hunchback, but then both fell asleep. Well, I crawled to my bed and feel asleep first. She joined me later. I woke up at 8:30 or something and said we had better get up if we were going to see Crusty Monkey as planned. So I called C, she came over and drove us to the restaurant Crusty works at. P and I got some interesting drinks. Mine was medori and pineapple juice (and something else I'm sure cause it was yellow and medori is green). Pelot got a blue something and didn't like it. I drank at least 3/4 of mine and she had about 1/2 of hers and she switched them. After enjoying those, I got a cherry cheesecake (vanilla schnapps and cranberry juice) and she got a triple black. People had sips of mine, but mostly I drank it. We were going to leave so P had me help her drink her triple black. Crusty helped a bit too. He finished up with whatever and left with us. C and P went to Kitchen. Crusty and I went to his house. He changed and we talked a bit. What happens when you mix Diet Vanilla Coke with Vodka. A really gross drink. But at least it matched his outfit. We met up with this guy, Tim, at Kitchen. He was cool beans man. He walked with me to the gas station to get Crusty some cigarettes and there was this guy who was wide eyed and twitching. He was a kinda mean to me. But the rest of the night, anytime I looked over at Tim, he would twitch and I would laugh histerically. It got so I would look at him and just start laughing. The rest of the people in our group didn't get it until after the third or fourth time when he finally explained it. After Kitchen, us girls went home and went to bed.

Sunday - Woke up at 10:30 when my sister came over. We woke P up. All of us sat talking for a bit. She left at 11:30 and I started packing. We moved half my clothes (that is a lot of clothes), my bed, my nightstand, stereo and some kitchen stuff. I was going to get my dresser yesterday, but was too tired. We stopped around 3:30. P and I just laid in one corner of our living room and stared at all the space we have. We smoked out on the balcony. We danced in the kitchen...it was just a blast. I took a shower and made a mess (we don't have a shower curtain yet). While P took a bath, I took a nap. Then we got hungry and called my parents. We went over there. Then ran to the dollar store to see Levi's sister about getting us some stuff for the apartment. We made a list and she said she would do her best. YAY! That would be a ton of stuff we could get for free! It makes me smile to think of it. I love getting stuff for free.

We ate dinner, sat around for a while and then left to see a movie. Good good movie. Finding Nemo. Everything in it was hil-Larious! I highly recommend this movie...first sober, then high. I laughed so hard. P and I were prolly the loudest in there (not that that is new). Oh my gosh. Such a good movie.

P and I stayed at our new apartment last night. It was great fun.

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