Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Guess what, I figured it out and there is only 41 days until my 19th birthday. That's really strange. Cause most people have a hard time believing that I'm only 18. I do to sometimes. It's strange how isolated I feel from some people my age. They're still stuck in high school drama, I was over that after sophomore year. I feel old! And yet so young...blah.

So I'm sick. That's right. Sick...again. I'm all cough-y and have a killer headache...I think it's the pressure from the storm system or some such bullshit people tell you when you have a headache. Can't you ever just have a headache for no reason except your head hurts? It's always pressure, eyestrain, allergies...

So last night I saw a friend I haven't seen in a long time, Crystal. She's the one who I was friends with as a kid and then went to jail for a couple of years before straightening out? Well, that's ok if you don't remember her, I don't see her a lot. But she called me up and said she was in town camping and wanted to hang out. So I went out to the campground, we hung out at my house and then went and picked D up. We went to the tourist town nearby and walked up and down the strip. Only once. But it took for feckin ever! We actually stopped at a cigar shop and bought cigars! And I got a flavored cigarette. Yay! I forgot to get my cigar back from D...oh well. We smoked those for a bit, but eventually put them out...it was just too much! I realized that we only had about 5 minutes left on the meter, I was all for hurrying back to the car, but then I heard Sublime in one of the stores. I had to stop. Of course it was the skating shop, so I had to look around a bit. D bought a kick ass belt. I wanted it really bad, but ... I just got a belt in the mail yesterday (!). We got sno-cones and walked back to the car.

I dropped D off at her ex-boyfriends and Crystal off at her campsite, went to my place, took a shower, went to my parents place, washed some clothes, got online and then my sister called my cell phone. She talked to me for a long time...I kept trying to get off the phone with her so I could go to bed, but she wasn't havin it. Then I heard the doorbell ring. I freak out for a second. Turn the light on and there isn't anyone there, the whole time I'm narrating it to my sister. Then I think about it...she was driving when we were talking...then I heard the doorbell ring again and I listen closely and heard her running on the phone. That little bitch. So I just tell her to get her ass inside. We talk for a bit, chat with Levi and listen to music. I kick her out around 12. I try to go to bed, but the darn dog and stupid cat...oh well. I love that cat....just not when I'm trying to sleep. So then it storms and Spike (the dog) freaks out...I almost woke up for that...but not quite. Poor dog. Shit, I hope I closed my windows. Oh well.

Oh P called me yesterday...during lunch. Just to say hi and that she hasn't really slept at all since Friday night. Sucks for her. But that was nice. It sucks to be alone so much. Especially when you're used to being surrounded! It's nice to have time to myself...I just don't want too much time.

I do want gummi bears tho

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