Monday, June 16, 2003


Friday - I got home from work and cleaned my apartment. I was sooo tired I laid on my bed and almost fell asleep. C showed up and I let her in. She said she didn't mind if I wanted to take a quick nap so I laid on my bed and totally passed out. From 7 until 11. I woke up and studied a little bit for the mixology test on Saturday. C was hungry so she ran to the groccery store real quick and got some food. I couldn't eat...I wasn't feeling well. Then Shawn buzzed and I when I asked who it was (I knew it was him cause he held the buzzer down) he just yelled to "let us in". I pushed the button that lets him in and then thought, who is us? I soon found out. He brought this guy, Paul over. Now that's not a big deal, except I have never met this person in my life and neither had Shawn before this night. Ehh, oh well. So we sat out in the living room talking for a little bit and then went in and smoked. It was so crazy! Paul just starts talking about Superman's alter ego Clark Kent and about his real name on his planet. Shawn goes on and on about the name Nevaeh. We had a very in depth conversation about what a stunt team actually does (we've come to the conclusion they do stunts) and it was just strange. I started laughing outta nowhere saying it was too much and Paul said "What? That there is a complete stranger in your apartment making no sense at all." I said "No that's not ...wait that's it exactly!" So Paul left cause he had to drive way way up north to go home. Shawn and I smoked again and C definately got a contact. I don't even know what happened. But I went to bed, Shawn watched a movie and C fell asleep in the chair. I can think of more comfy places.

Saturday - Woke up around 10. C and I went to Milwaukee and took our test. We both passed. So we went to Old Country Buffet to celebrate. Mmmm food. Mmmmm cute waiter. After which we drove to Levi and Crusty Monkey's new place. It's nice, but their rent is outrageous. I could never afford to live in the city. We decided to go to the zoo. I was super excited but then we get there and find out it's closed. Anyway, Levi makes a comment about this other girl becoming his "fag-hag". I just turn and look at him (cause even tho I hate being refered to as that, that's what I am, well, should be, to him). He just looks at me and says "What? You've got Shawn now." That's so not cool.

Later on, I tried to talk Levi into coming to my town and staying the night or just hanging out with me for awhile because we haven't hung out in "our" town in years. Literally. But he didn't want to drive the hour there and then just have to drive back the next morning. Well what the fuck? I drive it all the time to see him. So I asked Crusty if he would come hang out with me then cause he wasn't doing anything and we would have a ton of fun (cause everyone has fun with me). But he didn't want to cause he hates my town. His town. The town. Anyway, he hates it. So I got pissed off and just sat on the couch. Levi thought he could solve it all and pulled me into the other room to find out what was wrong.

Levi: What's wrong Kel?
Me: I drive here all the fucking time to see you guys. All the time. You got your house Tuesday and I've already been here to see it. I've been my place two weeks and you have yet to come see it.
Levi: You know I wanted to on Weds but it wasn't up to me. And I would come tonight but I don't feel like driving all the way there and then back.
Me: *Walking back into the living room to get my stuff and leave* All I'm saying is it's getting pretty fucking old.

When I went back in the room C and Leslie realized they had missed something happening, so C said to me something like "let's go so you can tell me about it." After that I just didn't feel the need to talk about it. I would have had she not said that, but then I just didn't need to. It wasn't on purpose or anything and I was nice on the drive home and all that....but yeah.

I had C drop me off at my parents and suddenly SM calls. YAY! She wanted to hang out so she came and picked me up. We went to Walmart and I got my dad a cd. I had never heard it before, didn't know what it sounded like, but I got it anyway. We went back to my place, smoked and then tried to go to some fair thing. Which meant driving 20 minutes. Ahhh! It was scary. But we made it alive. Laughing even...surprise. But then some of SM friends told us there were a lotta cops and it was closing down anyway (10:50pm). SM and I drove to another town, 20 minutes away and went to Starbucks. Yay for Starbucks. Actually it was kinda gross. We then went to 2Fast 2Furious. That was so cheesy, bro. But the cars were beautiful. I read for a long time before I went to sleep at 3.

Sunday - Shawn called at 3:30 am and said he was going on a breakfast date and that he would be over or call or something around 12. I was sleeping when he called so I wasn't really listening. I woke up for real at 10:30 or 11 or something. I sat outside in the sun reading a magazine, getting some sun. I put in The Fast and The Furious and watched most of it. Sat outside some more. Clay finally calls at 2:30 and I run out to meet him. We come back to my place and talk for awhile about all the drama going on. Then we go and shop/boy watch. We eat at the restaurant he's been wanting to visit and Shawn was working. He waited on us. It was so cute! Clay filled out an application and we were on our way....to a high adreline ride. It was so much fun. Then back to my place. We put a movie in and Clay quickly fell asleep. So I took a shower and my parents came over. We went in my room so we didn't wake Clay up. My mother said it smelled like pipe smoke or something in our house. Hmmm, I said it might be because D and I went to a cigar shop and they had been sitting in the room all day in the sun...or some such bs. They knew it was bs too. Oh well. I gave my dad the cd and we listened to it. Strange strange cd. But I offered to keep it and get him something else. He agreed. He wants jazz.

All the sudden I hear the door buzz and who should it be but Shawn himself. I kicked my parents out saying I wanted to go to bed...they were falling asleep anyway. Clay and Shawn talk for awhile. I'm dying for something exciting to happen cause I've heard all what they're talking about before. We talk about smoking and then finally do it. Clay didn't. It seems like a long time later, I walk the guys out. I tell Clay how much I truly appreciate him coming to see me. He actually is going to come again this weekend. Then Shawn and I sit in his car listening to a song and just talking. I don't even know what about. But I know I thanked him a million times for caring about me. He left because he had to go to work and I went and read before falling asleep at 12:15.

I woke up today and almost died. I'm sooo tired! And bored. I should be working.

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