Monday, June 09, 2003

"Hey he's from Colorado Territory...he could lead us to Breckenridge"
Aw aw awwww....

So I don't want to be at work today. I've been feeling strange all week in fact. Today I just feel strange and sick too.

Friday Shawn and C came over. P was getting ready to leave for drill. C and I left Shawn and P because they were boring. Not really, it's just that my dad promised a fish fry dinner, so we were all ready for that. While at my parents we decided that we wanted to play a special drinking game that night.

Drinking Game: It's called (originally enough) Dude. Supplies: The movie Baseketball by Matt Stone and Trey Parker and a whole lotta beer/malted beverages. If you play with shots, you'll prolly die. All you do is watch the movie and everytime someone says Dude, you have to take a drink. It's great.

Anyway, after eating we ran back to my place to pick up P so she could get us some booze. Shawn and her left! Didn't leave a note or anything. So we went to Walmart by ourselves because we didn't have any munchies, so C hooked us up. Thanks a ton! Now we have oreos, animal crackers, ice cream and cookies and other stuff too...anyway, we heard someone yell my name while in Wallyworld, but didn't see anyone. As we're checking out someone behind me says "hey Kelly" I turn around and it's this girl I used to work at the waterpark with. She prego! Wow. Anyway, she says P just came thru her line about 20 seconds ago. DAMN!

It takes awhile we finally get a 12 pack of Triple Black. Yum. We smoke and then we play the game...well most of it. I think I talked on the phone with SD. Man oh man, he's funny. Finally, it was 11:30 and everyone either needed to wake up early and Shawn needed to work. So we went to bed.

Saturday - Woke up at 6. Drove to Milwaukee. Had class with .... Larry. *sigh* Well, he threw ice in my face and then was going to pour water in my hat. Meanie. I don't even remember why. We did speed drills, where we had to make 6 drinks in 5 minutes. I did it!! I was in the first group up and the only one who completed all the drinks. I feel special. I got to sit one out and watch, but had to do it again. This time I didn't quite get finished because I couldn't find the feckin Peach Schnapps bottle.

After we got back, C and I finished the rest of the movie. She left and I smoked alone. Yesh that's right...alone. I've never really done that before and wanted to try it out. It was fun. I spent a long time writing in my book. Well...like 20 minutes. That's a lot. I feel asleep around 9.

Sunday - Woke up at 5. And 6. And 7. And finally called my parents around 8. They were getting ready to leave, but my dad wanted to take me out for breakfast. So I got dressed, went over there and watched tv while they got ready. I miss tv. It's so great when there isn't anything to do. We ate, they left, I got online and downloaded music at their house. Shawn called and told me to get my butt to his house. I stalled for a bit and then said I needed to shower and I'd be over. Went back to my house, showered and was getting pretty when D called. She broke up with her boyfriend that she had, moved back into her parents house and already had a new boyfriend (we'll call him...Fence). Someone I met at the same time she did, worked with at the waterpark and just knew in general. Well, they're both into role playing games so they spent a lot of time together at the gaming den. D and I made plans to go see Finding Nemo (she hadn't seen it and I didn't mind seeing it again).

I went to Shawn's...we smoked. We sang and busted out some moves. Well, he's been wanting to teach me some dance moves, but he dances when he's high and I don't. I sit. But I got up and he made up some square dance-y type thingy. It was pretty cool...a little strange, but I'm still learning so he had to keep it easy for me. We stopped and listened to music. He's always after me to sing my little heart out...everytime a good song comes on he's like "I wanna hear you Kelly! Sing it gurl!" I never know the words and can't sing that particular song. This time tho, he put on "Why'd you lie to me?" and I just sang. I love that song. So he started geekin out cause not only did I dance with him, I was actually singing too. C called and said she had a cell phone now and I invited her to come over. (Not just because she had a cell phone). She said yeah so Shawn and I waited. And waited. And waited. I didn't look at the clock at all so time just seemed to be flying by. You know how it goes. We danced some more and sang and talked...good times...but she still wasn't there. We went outside and I realized Shawn had locked the door after I got there. Which means if C had already come over, she wouldn't be able to get in and we had the music so loud we prolly wouldn't hear her. I called her house 40 minutes later (I think) and her mom said she had left about 5 or 10 minutes ago. Big sigh of relief. Shawn unlocked the door and we passed out on the bed. I tried to take a picture of us, but I dunno if it'll turn out. C came over and woke us up. Well, I don't think either of us were really sleeping. Oh well.

C and I left Shawn's. And went to McDonalds. Yummy and Yucky at the same time. Strange. On the drive home I was just totally singing my little heart out and dancing like a mad woman. You can dance in a car...it's possible. It was great fun. I got all sorts of strange looks from other interstate drivers. YAY! I called D and said I would pick her up on my way back into town. She said she could meet us, it doesn't make sense, but I was going to pick her up anyway even tho she had a ride. Oh so she could see my apartment. Well, I stopped by to get her, but she wasn't ready. Since I had to stop at my parents anyway, Fence said they would meet us there.

I went to my parents, fed the dog and cats and went back outside. There they were! On time. What? Oh well, so I took them out to my apartment. We sat around. C and D finished some half empty bottles from Friday night. Fence decided that he wasn't going to the movie, he was going to go play D&D. Right....whatever. So C, D and I went to the movie. It was funny. I laughed a lot. Then while I'm walking out I hear someone say "psssss" and I look at there's jonk with his girlfriend. I say whoa, hi and then get pushed and have to walk away. That sucked, now I'm going to feel a little more guity if something does happen with jonk and me. Well, not really. It's his fault. Does that make me a bad person?

I had a dream last night, where Fence and I were talking. He was really listening to me and became a really good friend in an instant. That's all I remember. Don't tell anyone, but I used to be kinda curious about Fence. I didn't quite have a crush on him (well, maybe a little one) but was interested in hanging out more often with him. It just never happened for some reason or another. And I'm not alone in the whole "interested" thing either. Someone, no names, also told me she had a crush on him at one time. Funny.

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