Thursday, June 26, 2003

Holy different...what? Oh well.

I had to visit Toast last night. His mom was there...and she got there first. But I asked if she would mind if I went. Hahaha. She let me. I'm such a bitch. Well...yeah. I didn't have a whole lot to say, but we talked a lot of bs. Like normal. I got home and Shawn, P and I ordered Chineese and watched some silly movie. Extreme Ops or something...Predictable but entertaining. At the end, the deliver guy came and we invited him in and got him a soda. Yeah, we know how to party. He stayed for about 10 minutes. Oh he's a cutie!

He left, we ate and watched Two Weeks Notice. Good movie. I was totally sucked in. Which means I got so excited at one point that I flipped the chair I was on over backwards. Yeah it was predictable, but it was sooo entertaining. I love Sanda Bullock and I think that George was Hugh Grants best character yet. He played him perfectly!

P and I had a couple of drinks and I called Beppo. I tried to say I was sober (I really was) to him, but then I had to admit I might not be all the way sober cause I had a drink. I can't fuckin lie to him! Well, I can't really lie to anyone, but especially him. But I really was sober. We talked for a bit and he asked if he could call me back. I agreed and after we hung up, I went pacing back and forth across the house trying to figure out what is going on with "us". P listened patiently and spoke when I needed her to. I don't think we figured out anything except that I'm a freak. Yay!

P and I have decided that we're going to New York in October. Why not? October because she needs to save up some money and I need to...well, no reason really. But we want to fly I think...I'm not fuckin driving. Anyway, I brought it up last night cause...well, I want to go. And her eyes got all misty and she said she wanted to go too...she loved it when she went a couple of years ago. So that's the plan. If you live in New York or know someone who would let us stay for a night or two in October...you would be my hero.

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