Friday, June 06, 2003

Holy shit...I thought I had lost everything! I was so scared! But it's ok. We're all.....ok.

I just printed out my entire online journal. Wow, that's a lotta paper. But I'm at work so it didn't cost me anything! Shhhh!

My mom and P came and picked me up for lunch. P and I are just so funny if I do say so myself (and I do). No one really gets us totally. Cause we're always quoting or making stuff up and most people can't tell the difference. I'm lovin it!

What I'm not lovin' is Shawn calling me up telling me he's coming over and that we're going to smoke. Even if he has to buy it from me. That kinda ticked me off, cause I don't want to sell my shit and I don't want to smoke tonight. I have way to much to do. But I know that I'll sacrifice a bowl in the name of friendship. It just kinda pisses me off that he demanded that we smoke cause "he needs it". Whatever. So tell everyone I said high tonight for me.

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