Wednesday, June 04, 2003

KASEY! Long time hun, we need to get together sometime and just sip tea and chat.

Last night...boring! But still fun. I stopped at my parents and picked up my mom. We stopped off at my place. P and C were already gone. And by the looks of it, not much had been done to the apartment. So I was ticked. We still didn't have any food or, well, pretty much anything. So my mother and I went to Walmart. I got some food and shower curtain rings so we aren't making a mess when we shower now. Shawn called while I was there and told me he was on his way over.

I met up with him at my place. I did dishes while he moved furniture and picked up P's crap in the living room. Then we sat there for a bit, talking a little, but mostly just looking around and sighing. We suggested a few things to do, I said something about getting high, but we might still be bored after we do that anyway. We had to give it a try and see tho. I packed that muthafuckin bowl so it lasted forever! We weren't bored. We were entertained by The Emperor's New Groove. Oh it's so fuckin funny. I ate sooo much! Well, not really. This was my dinner: a bagel with cream cheese, three banana muffins, one with cream cheese and two cups of cheap lemonlime juice. I like cream cheese, but oh my gosh I was sooo full. I thought I was going to die. He started watching SLC Punk and I took a shower (with my new shower curtain up), we finished the bowl and went to bed. Shawn and I cuddled pretty much the whole night. It was so cute!

Clay called and we talked a little bit. He might be coming over this weekend. Oh wow, that would be cool. I rarely get to hang out with him. I'm going to call him tonight and see if he'll stay over on Saturday. If we wanted we could go to the strip and hang out and then go back to my house and do whatever. How much fun would that be? A lot. I miss Clay! He actually said "I love you" before he hung up last night. I'm not used to that from him. I mean Levi, Shawn, Jacob and sometimes Crusty Monkey say that, but it's just not something I'm used to hearing from other people. But I said it back, because he is the nicest, sweetest, most fun guy! He really cares. Oh I could go on and on about him.

Hehehe jonk was in here at lunch (remember jonk, if not look in the November archives). I told him about my new place and he mentioned that I can bring guys home now. I agreed and said it was pretty cool. Sometime when we get the place fixed up a bit...maybe next week, I think I might invite him over. He might be good for some fun. He did know how to kiss. I haven't heard anything about his girlfriend lately, but I really don't care. Am I a bad person? I don't even care.

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