Friday, June 27, 2003

Last night I had to leave the smoking room. It was a bad time. I thought of a lot of things I still don't like about myself. But then I realized if I were to be the "perfect" me...I would get totally abused and taken advantage of. Because it's not a perfect world.

I also had the idea of bartending on a cruise ship next year.

My aunt and uncle are coming to visit this weekend from Iowa. Woo hoo! I haven't seen them in forever and they're tons of fun. So fire at my parents house tonight. Then tomorrow, it's off to Rhythm and Booms. Sunday...it truly is the day of rest.

So remember how I called Beppo on Wednesday night? Well, he never called me back. Normally I wouldn't care tooo much. But I do. Just the whole, only calling him when I'm not sober and him not calling me back. I dunno what's going on. Am I just too sensitive? Prolly.

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