Tuesday, June 17, 2003

My boss is back from Wales/Ireland and it's great. Finally, someone who thinks for themself. I just realized that that is the reason we get along. Most of the people in this office are old ladies. If not in body, then in mind. I'm ready to stay young the rest of my life. I doubt that will happen, but until I make a decision to change, this is me. My boss is the same way. He doesn't care what people think. We talk and make fun of ourselves and other people. Never to hurt anyone tho. But we do have some really bad jokes cause sometimes you just have to laugh. I dunno. It's different.

And fucking yay for Frances Black.

Remember when my boss was leaving and he invited me with him?? I so should have gone. Because what marvelous Hard Rock band is starting a tour of Europe really soon? What Hard Rock band did I listen to while mopping up the dining room at Hardee's? What Hard Rock band have I gone to see, not once, but twice? That's right Disturbed. My boss got to sit next to David on the plane. And he had no clue who they were.

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