Wednesday, June 11, 2003

So Father's Day is on Sunday and C's birthday is on Monday. What the fuck am I going to buy? Pardon my language. C said she wants money...but that's no fun! So...I will be shopping. It's a good excuse to go shopping anyway.

So I don't know if I mentioned this, but I had a dream I got my tounge pierced. I was walking around this fair-type thing afterwards and everyone loved it. I told Shawn about it and now he wants me to go get my tounge pierced. I want to get my eyebrow pierce but am too chicken to follow thru because of the whole 'snag-on-something-get-ripped-out' theory. So my tounge would work...at least it wouldn't get ripped out. But it might chip my teeth and that whole deal. I've been asking everyone I see that has one if if hurts or not. Clearly, I am not a piercing type person, but damn...I wanna do something. Anyway, the plan is right now that because we both get paid on Thursday, we're going to go on Friday and he's going to get a tatoo. Scary scary..wait I already have a tatoo. Scary for him. Cause that does hurt, well for me it felt like someone was digging jagged glass down my back every 30 seconds or so...it wasn't unberable but still not the best feeling thing in the world.

So we went to the club last night. Well, first I picked up Crystal from the camp site cause she got into a fight with her sisters and she was going home. We went to my house...Shawn showed up first and two seconds after him C rang the bell. Shawn brought me cigarettes as a present and C brought me contact solution (I asked her to) and a mocha chiller! Yay for friends! We hung out at my house for a bit, Shawn and I smoked. We laughed a lot and Shawn wouldn't quit talking. He went on and on! It was so great. First it was a lecture on how Subway is a rip off, then it was about the weather. I laughed a lot during this time. Later tho, I got to explain to everyone how it wasn't the tar/nicotine in cigarettes that causes cancer. Nope, it's the fact that they use radioactive chemicals in their fertilizer/pesticides. So if they would only use something different...yeah...that's fuckin depressing.

Shawn and I drove to Madison together and Crystal rode with C. We met up with Crystal's friends at East Towne. She left, Shawn, C and I walked around a bit. I don't think I got anything. WAIT! I did too! I got a smaller notebook that has the Gleeful Dog on it and it says "have a nice day butthole". I like the Happy Bunny, but the dog was just too cute. Anyway, it's going in the smoking/quiet/boomboom/zen/computer/guest room. Wow...that was off on a tangent...anyway, we looked around, got bored, went to Joey's. I think that kinda pissed Levi off cause he wanted us to come see his new place. I was all for it, but wasn't driving. Not a lot I could do about it. But at Joey's, I walk in and immediately get dragged into the kitchen to do a shot. Yummy vanilla dr. Then Joey smokes me and Shawn up. Then I get dragged off for another shot. Then Joey smokes me and Shawn up again. Clay got home and was running around getting ready. C wouldn't let Shawn drive so we went in her car with Clay. Clay and I sat in front together again and just chatted a bit. Nothin too seriously, that just wouldn't do. But we made plans for this weekend (since we had already made plans with each other, but he forgot about 'em) He felt so bad, it was cute, but I didn't expect him to remember anyway. But we're supposed to hang out on Sunday. Maybe Saturday night. We'll see if it actually happens.

The club was fun. I was totally getting my freak on! Crusty Monkey and I had a ton of fun molesting...I mean dancing with each other. Wow tho. That was fun. And I got to booty dance with Shawn while the drag queens were putting their show on. Then with Clay, Patrick, Crusty...man, it was all about the booty dancing last night. It was so much fun! Normally, I put up a little resistance to getting totally freaky on the dance floor but this time...nope I was all about it. Plus, I had two boyfriends last night. Drunk Tyler, who was just Ty last night. He calls me Heather instead of my name. And C is Julia. Dunno why. We had a nice conversation last night about drugs. Well, not really nice, just informative. And Patrick is my other boyfriend (keep reading)

I saw my parents' friends' son there. His first time there. Yay for him. I made new friends (and booty danced with them). Welcome Tim and Patrick. Well, Tim I knew from a week or so before, but Patrick is new. And really fun. And really hot! He's got a body. Sometimes it really sucks to be a fruit fly/flame dame. Oh well, Patrick and Tim are supposed to call me sometime. Ty is going to come visit me sometime.

The drive home was awful! I wanted to stay awake to help keep C awake, but it just wasn't working! I was so tired! I would wake up, say something and then just crash. But C was really quiet. I'm not good at judging her moods. I don't know why, normally I can look at a person and be able to tell if something is wrong, but C has been hiding herself for a long time. Even if I ask if something is wrong and she says no, I still wonder.

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