Tuesday, June 03, 2003

So last night I drove past my parents house and thought about stopping...there were some things I still need to pick up (a lot of stuff I still need to pick up) but instead drove home...and whose truck should that be in my parking lot, my parents'. They brought over our furniture...our ugly, ugly furniture. At least we have places to sit...but P's mom also came over yesterday and brought a shit-ton of P's stuff. So we have stuff all over our apartment...I really hope she cleans some of it up today. And tonight, I'm going to run home, see if she picked up any grocceries and then run to the store. We have nothing!

Oh but my sister and her boyfriend rock! They came over last night and gave us some house warming gifts. A pizza pan, a pizza cutter and a big chopping board. Plus a card and a baggie. Yay! They proceeded to smoke Shawn, P and I up. Nice nice real nice. Ok I thought I was going to throw up once. We had a steamroller and holy fuck did that hurt. But it was fun to watch. I became comatose after awhile.

My sister and her boyfriend left so Shawn, P and I watched Veggie Tales. Rack, Shack and Benny. I love that so very very much. It's all about standing up to peer pressure. I took a bath/shower and then went to bed.

Shawn and I are supposed to be hanging out tonight. He still really wants to see Matt, but he knows he made plans with me first. I just don't see why I shouldn't go to the club if Matt comes and hangs out. I really like Matt, he's a cool dude, but Shawn made plans with me. I'm going to try and not be petty about it, but I would still be disapointed if Shawn decides to blow me off tonight. But then again, maybe I won't go to the club either. I'm kinda tired, so perhaps I should just hang out alone tonight. Or with my parents...nah, I know I'm going to be with Shawn. All I know is I'm not too sad about missing the club. I just want to dance and I can do that at my house...and I do.

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