Monday, June 23, 2003

This was a great weekend. I'm so glad my friends rock so much.

Friday - Shawn stayed the night Thursday night and hung out at my house while I was at work. I only worked from 8-12 because I had an eye appointment. He cleaned my house for me. I was so surprised and happy. We did some errands and then I had to go to my eye appointment. We had just bought two-way radios so we were talking while I was getting checked out. The doctor didn't mind too much...I don't think. After that we went canoing. It was a blast. We smoked before we went...then we paddled out into the middle of the lake and jumped in.

He had to work at midnight but C and another of my friends came over. They stayed for a bit and then left. I felt bad that my friend drove two hours and I didn't really get to see him. They left because I looked tired. So what did I do? Went over to my sister's and smoked. Duh!

Saturday - I woke up at 11. Went and did laundry at my parents until 4 when I needed to be home. I just wanted to hang out at home. P was home! She was laying on the couch crying. Aww. We talked for a while. I told her it had been a hard week and she said that all we had been doing was smoking. Which is true. But I told her about Dan and she started to cry again. I cried too. Damn, this has got to get easier sometime. But when? C recently discovered that Dan died on Monday. Monday was her birthday. I'm afraid she's reading too much into it. It's not like Dan knew.

Oh well...C and Clay came over that night. Clay drank and smoked with me. Strange...normally he's just a drinker. I'm such a bad influence. Everyone passed out and I watched the scariest episode of Buffy. I might have screamed a little.

Sunday - I woke up at 10:30. Clay had already been up since 8:30. We watched more fricken Buffy. Then finally we got moving. Clay and I went to a hands-on museum and decided we should have smoked before we went. We went on an old wooden roller coaster. We drove all the way back to my house, picked up P and went to a waterpark. Yay for hot guys. We swam for a bit and then laid-out. The sun felt nice. Unfortunately, I've noticed that sun has no effect on my see-thru white skin. I can't get tan for the life of me. P and I swam a bit more, then we all changed. I looked damn good. I know this because I got checked out so many times I can't even count. There was this one guy who P and I had been looking at most of the time we were there. Then while getting in line for some weak-ass roller coaster, this guy totally stared at my chest while I was walking by. At the end of the line, I asked who was sitting next to me, cause I wasn't sitting alone. P says, "well that guy will". The guy beckons me to come up to him. So I jumped over the fence and agreed to ride next to him. We introduced ourselves and talked for a bit. His name was Tyler. He's wasn't a super hottie, but he wasn't ugly. In case you were wondering. So he was with some dj from WJJO. My goodness am I getting to know those guys. Oh well, Tyler and I went over to his group of guys and talked for a bit after we got off the ride. Mosh (the wjjo dj) asked if I liked Joe. I didn't understand so he asks again. Finally I get it that he said Joe and the front of my shirt says JOE on it. Surprise. So I turn around and lift my hair to show him that the back says MOMMA. The guys all laughed. He shook my hand and said that he liked her too. Then they asked if I had any tattoos. I said yeah and then showed them. They tried to get me to tell them what it means, but they didn't succeed. They invited me to go to the bar and I would have gone...but I'm only 18. FUCK!

P, Clay and I went on some more rides and then went back to the car. Shawn had called a couple of times so I called him back. He was done with work and wanted to hang out. So we drove out to his restaurant and talked with the owner a bit. Then we all met up at my place. We ordered pizza and Shawn, Clay and I smoked. Shawn didn't believe it was creeper and Clay hardly hits it...so they were calling me weak because I admitted that I was high. Then later Shawn had my phone and a bunch of money in his hand, when I tried to get my phone he wouldn't let me because he thought I was going to take his money. What an ass. Oh well, we talked and said how sad it was that we missed each other and we'd only not seen each other for a day. We were watching something...The Emperor's New Groove. I went to bed, but Shawn talked to me on the 2-way radio for a bit. Then I got up, we smoked a cigarette and he left for work. I made sure he was going to call me when he got to work...what can I say? I worry.

I was laying in bed and decided it would be a good idea to call Beppo. The plan was to ask if he was mad at me or something because the last time we talked, I called him from Shawn's party when I was drunk. That was almost a month ago. I've called him twice since then and he hasn't called back. So I'm way too sensitive and take it as he's mad. I dunno, that's just what I do. We start talking and I'm keeping pretty quiet. I tell him about what's been going on. I started talking, for some reason, about how ordinary I am. He laughed and asked how I could think I was ordinary. I explained how all I do is work and hang out with friends. I don't really have a special life in anyway. He laughs again and says you called me up at 11:30 at night and you think that's ordinary?

What it's not? I didn't think it was that strange. But what got my little heart all a-flutter was that he doesn't think I'm ordinary.

Anyway, I got off the phone around 12:15 or something. I woke up at 2:40 thirsty as all fuck. Clay is still on the couch. I get some water, turn around there he is standing right next to me. It scared the hell outta me. He gets all his stuff together and leaves. I couldn't fall back asleep. At least not until 4. That sucked.

So I've decided I smoke too much and should take a week off or something. Cause it's getting pretty bad. I don't need to be all stupid all the time. That might be a little hard with Shawn around, but P will support me. Too bad C's going to miss this sober week.

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