Thursday, June 12, 2003

Wait a minute...I did explain how at the club I was supposed to try and see how Patrick was as far as one of my friends really wanted to sleep with him. So I was supposed to go and see if he had a boyfriend and if he just wanted to have fun for a night. I do this allllll the time! It gets really old. Anyway, I get over there and just start talking a little bit. Then I say "well, I got this friend who thinks you're really hot and just wants to know what's up with you." And I can't really hear his answer, at the time I thought it was "blah blah I'm pretty straight with Tim blah blah." Blah blah being words I couldn't really hear. So I sit and chat with them for a bit and eventually go tell my friend.

Later when I was talking to this friend, he said that he's seen Patrick around town but he always thought he was straight. Well, thinking about it, Patrick could have said, "I'm straight, I'm just here with Tim." Or some such thing...cause last I knew they were just best friends and Tim was sleeping ...ermm, I mean seeing Crusty...I'll have to find out what is going on cause if Patrick is straight...wow. Yay. And he did say he was my boyfriend...

In other amazing news, Levi actually called me. That's right and he was in town! It's amazing! So C and I met him, Crusty Monkey and Levi's sister and friend at McDonalds after I got done visiting Toast in jail. They're all moving in together in Madison so... yeah. I walked into McDonalds wearing this grey sweater with a collar shirt underneath and blue jeans when Levi starts talking about how cute I am. Then a little later I was talking with Crusty and he said he was talking to this girl we went to school with and they were talking about me. I don't really know her at all but...she said I was one of the prettiest girls she's seen, because of a natural beauty I have. And then I tried to argue it (because I don't really know the person she knows me through very well so she might not even be talking about me) when Crusty and Levi were talking about it they were both just totally inflating my ego. It was strange to be so complimented.

As we were hanging outside McDonalds just saying goodbye, I saw M and J going through the drive thru. I yell out M's name and he drives over to us. Levi, Crusty and the other two leave so C and I talk to M for a bit. J is on the phone. Eww I dated him? Anyway, I invite them over to look at my new house. Once there, we talk a little about stupid stuff. They take this huge stuffed turtle (from Finding Nemo) that D gave me and would not give it back. After trying to get it back, they finally make it outside and I get a little pissed off. But I finish cleaning up their fuckin mess, dump out their sodas and finally go downstairs. They were going to make the trade for the sodas but since I dumped them out...I think M finally got how annoyed I was in that I wanted to be at my parents house abusing their cable to watch South Park. So he finally gave me my turtle back. In the meantime a really hot delivery guy was walking by and said "Hello Ladies" to C and I. Yay. After M and J leave, we go searching for the guy. We meet him on the stairs and I say something about his shirt (I have the same one) and C asks about the music in his car. We've seen the guy before because we frequent the chineese restaurant he delivers for. We decided that we were in a mood for Chineese food today....

Tonight my oldest sister and her boyfriend are supposed to be coming over. They live like 2 hours away so it'll be nice to see her. It also means that I can sleep in my own bed tonight! You don't understand how happy I am about that. I miss my bed so much! At least my animals and I are getting along better. My dog isn't whining as much and my cat and I cuddled last night. But I miss my place.

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