Monday, June 16, 2003


Shawn and C met me for lunch. We went to Taco Bell and it was nasty, but it's Taco Bell so we were expecting that and enjoyed the nasty-ness of it. Shawn gave C a HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARD! And it was really beautiful. We had a great time at lunch just checkin guys out and talking about all sorts of stuff like normal. I was just so happy that they came all the way to my place of work to see me just for lunch. Granted they're hanging out down the street now... but still damn it! I was super happy and looking forward to it all morning. Now I'm looking forward to hanging out with them tonight. The only thing bad about today is that C's gift didn't come in time. So hopefully it will get here soon and I can give it too her before she leaves for Vegas on Saturday. :( Oh well, good for her!

Shawn gave me a card that looked kinda like C's, but it was all about how happy he is that we're friends. Like, everything in the card is exactly what we say to each other and while reading it I teared up a little bit. I've got the warm fuzzy feeling going on...wait, no, that's just the Taco Bell.

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