Wednesday, June 25, 2003

YAY for Kasey! Wait, I emailed you and you never sent anything back you witch. Ok, I forgive you, but you had better write me soon!

That reminds me ... I got called beautiful from some lady I don't know last night. She came up to me and said "Hey, you're that beautiful girl, from the wake. We were talking about you. Gosh, you're beautiful" I was a little bit confused, but I just smiled.

Last night...P and I had our first casual drink in our apartment. Meaning, I came home, grabbed two beers outta the fridge and we sat on the balcony drinking and talking. No more than that, but it was nice. Celebrate. I tried to take a nap, but it was so freckin hot...I had just fallen asleep, but P brought in my noodles. I ignored those for a little while and was falling asleep again, when Shawn called. I never even got a nap.

P and I met Shawn at a McDonalds on the way to Madison. We had our radios and we're talking to one another while driving. Good times. It was tag-team driving. I called Joey to see what was going on and he invited us over. Shawn was all worried about smoking and didn't think Joey would, so he wasn't going to go...I had faith tho and talked him into it. It paid off later.

Shawn was quiet last night. Somehow he got left outside when everyone else was done smoking so I went back out to sit with him. We talked a bit and he said he was a little jealous of Levi. Because Levi and I have been friends for years. I tried to explain the relationship, and he may have understood. I don't know if it helped or not. We also made plans for Rhythem and Booms. I hope it all works out.

Aaron was at the club! We had a lot of fun with him. I invited him to come hang out sometime...of course I usually do. He says that P and I are doing really well if we're trying to turn him straight. Well, he is only bi... I don't know what else really special happened. Nothing I guess. I left at 12:45 cause I was bored and really tired.

Driving home sucked. I saw huge black spiders crawling across the road! The would sit there until I drove close and then would run away...wait...they weren't real at all, I was just seeing things. Oh and I camethisclose to falling asleep. If my car hadn't whistled I prolly would have. Scary stuff right there. I got into bed around 2:20. The phone rang sometime later and it was Shawn telling me goodnight and that he loved me. What a sweetie.

This morning I sat up when my alarm was going off and almost threw up. I feel completely .... blah! My tummy hurts. My body aches. And I can't breath without coughing. But that's something else entirely.

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