Wednesday, July 09, 2003

And this is why I'M the favorite.

So I said something awhile back about my boss being in love with my supervisor, right? Remember? They were best friends! The supervisor had a boyfriend and they both moved to Wales awhile ago. My boss went out there on a visit surprising everyone, while the boyfriend conviently enough didn't have the right visa so was back in the states. Did you get that? Well, while my boss was in Wales he "gave her a choice" but "she didn't pick me". So he's kinda heartbroken. He's working on getting over it I think. I don't know how much longer he'll whine about it. I don't mind. He comes into my office, making it impossible to do my work (what, check my email?) and we'll have great conversations about how much the world sucks and how wonderful music is.

Today was especially bad for him. A lot of times, what the second in command does is make sure the boss is ok. So when Turdy dumped all her work in my lap so she could go take care of him, I wasn't surprised. I did her work and while doing so I thought of something the boss might appreciate. I made him a sticker to wear that said "having it all work out in the end is so cliche" (thank you bobby burgess). I stuck it on his pack of cigarettes and waited for him to realize it. Later he came into my office, thanked me for the sticker (he guessed it was me, cause I'm the only other person in the office who dares to get sarcastic and joke with him) and he seemed to be in a much better mood.

He's about as strange as I am.

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