Thursday, July 03, 2003

Guess what! C's back! She wasn't supposed to get back until the 5th and by then I would have been in .... another town. So yay! She came over last night and the four of us (shawn, P, C and I) sat talking for a bit. P kept telling me she needed me to call Derrick so she could get the number of this Scott guy. Which I wouldn't mind doing. But C just got back in town and I wanted to talk to her for a little bit. Catch up on times and whatever. Finally I couldn't fucking stand it ... she must have told me five times! I went in the other room, called Joey, got Derrick on the phone, he found the number, gave it to me and I threw it at P. Then I just didn't feel social anymore. So I went outside and smoked, alone. I came back in after 20 minutes and took a shower. Then I walked around, picking stuff up cause our place is a mess (surprise!) and yeah... I walked Shawn out when he left for work. I then continued to pick up my messy messy room and C and P came in to talk to me. We chatted. I actually talked. Yay for me. They left to go to Kitchen or Perkins or something and I went to bed. The end.

Ps- EWWW I'm peeling. My skin is coming right off. Like a snake, I shed my disguise. Soon I'll be my normal self.

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