Monday, July 07, 2003

Guess who called. Shawnathan! I looked at the call id on my cell phone and when I saw it was him, I ran to the bathroom so my supervisor wouldn't catch me on the phone. He started off the conversation with "I MISS YOU!". It’s really only been a day. But it seems like a long time, since we only saw each other for about a half hour since Thursday. I’m used to seeing him every day, or at least talking to him every day. Now we’ve talked a little bit, but haven’t gotten to see each other or hang out in days...and it will be at least another 5 days. That’s just strange. But he called me up and asked me to look online for some gay clubs he could go to whilest there. So if anyone knows of any...wanna let me know?

I've been separated from all my friends for awhile. The four of us haven't been together and happy at the same time in awhile. I've been so fucked up lately, I feel like it's my fault. I don't even know if it bothers them. Feeling happy for them but sorry for myself. I hate it. I would just love to be happy for them and stop being such a baby. I am jealous tho. All of them have gotten to get a chance to get out. P was in AT, but she loves it so it was kind of a vacation for her. Cody went to Vegas. Shawn's in Texas. I went to...a town an hour away with P and her family.

Ahh! This job frusterates me beyond all belief! I just want to leave. I wish I could...well I suppose I could. I hate thinking about just trivial things as to how many days I have off per year vs. how many days I want off per year. I feel like such a fake workacholic. All I wanna do is have some fun. If this is what life is about what is the point? It just seems like there isn't anything else. I've talked to both Shawn and P abou this. P thinks there is more to life. It will be what you make of it. Shawn says this is life. Working and hanging out with friends, whatever happens, this is mostly likely what you will be doing. I don't understand...it seems so stupid and meaningless.

And why are kleenx boxes trying to be all arty? It's just a cardboard box made to protect and distribute "factial tissues" whose real job is to wipe the snot outta your nose. Who are they trying to kid?

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