Friday, July 11, 2003

Hmm, nothing really new happened so if you want to skip all this, I wouldn't be too upset.

My parents met me at work and took me to a bar. We had a drink, walked around downtown and then I drove home. P and I both went over to C's for dinner and it was most excellent. After we ate, we walked around her property and got all drity. It was a lot of fun tho. If you called her horse over to the fence and then took off running, the horse would run along side you. At home, P and I sat and read for an hour. The end.

I talked to Shawn last night. I had to call him and see if he would go to Beppo's party with me. He sounded really excited to hear from me. He said he was coming right over when he got back too.

Yay for smoking a yeti. Licking a lollipop. Eating candy. Organic experiences.

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