Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Holy slow computer Batman!

I love my parents. They are the two sweetiest, most caring people on the planet. P and I went over there for dinner. It was fun, the tv was off and I was entertaining everyone. I should be in hollywood. Actually, no. All the fake people would drive me insane. Anyway, after dinner, my father was going to Walmart to purchase the dvd of Gods and Generals. I went along for the ride and I'm so glad I did. Suddenly, my father grabs a cart and just starts piling food in it. Yogurt, pizza, milk... Apparently, he doesn't find it as humorous as we do that the only thing in our fridge is cream cheese and sandwich meat. So he bought us $60 worth of grocceries! And a broom! So yay for food!

P and I planned on drinking and watching a movie when we got back to our place. We made up some drinks, put in a movie, C came over and kicked back. Then Billiam had to go and call. Fleckner Fleckner! I didn't want to go over there, I wanted them to come over to my house cause I couldn't/didn't want to drive. So he sent Emily, a girl he used to work with over to pick me up. That's kinda sad because Emily lives in the same apartment complex I do. We're planning on hanging out more now I think. Anyway, she pretty much drove home to pick me up. We drove on over to Billiam's and talked random crap on the way. She's pretty cool, I've never really talked a whole lot with her before last night. At Billiam's, I prepared myself by grabbing a bottle of water on my way thru to the smoking room. I was fried last night. After a couple of rounds, we went out into the living room and watch the Family Guy. Great, great show. It was so hard to follow the story lines sometimes, cause it jumps around so much. I loved it! It was just insane. There are all these tv shows I want to buy...it sucks. I ain't got no monies for dat. But I don't have cable either... A girl can dream can't she?

Thanks Joe. You were such an inspiration. And because of you, I now have comments.

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