Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I'm feeling rather miserable. Not only am I hella-sunburnt, I also have an ear infection and a hangover. The hangover is my fault tho... Shit...computer problems..ok whatever.

I left work yesterday at 12. I had to accomplish some goals...like getting to the doctor. Why do people doubt me when I say I'm sick. Cause yesterday I asked my mother to make me an appointment because I thought I had an ear infection. She was all annoyed because she didn't think I could tell that for a fact. And P said it was prolly just water. Well, water never hurt like this. So I got some stupid pills that make me sensitive to the sun and make me have to drink a lot of water. So I have been. But does alcohol oppose that theory?

Shawn was sleeping in my bed when I got home from work. Fine. I stole P and we went to the bank, Walmart and dropped the movies off. I dropped P off at home, picked up my mom at her house and went to the doctor in a town about 20 minutes away. Saw my PA, got a prescription, drove back to my house, picked up Shawn, dropped the prescription off, got my contacts, ordered glasses, picked up my prescription (fuckin huge nasty pills), went to dairy queen and finally went home. All this was done in three hours. It's a lot to do. Today my car goes into the shop, but I can't take it cause I don't have many vacation days.

Shawn, P and I watched Secretary. Strange movie. I swear all we ever end up talking about it sex. All the time, I'm so sick of it! That movie created a couple more conversations about sex that we could have. Well, they could have. I could just sit there and wish my skin would stop burning. I'm not about S&M. It's all good for a guy to be aggressive, but damn.

Scary M and her friend came over. They're typical airhead teenage girls. Shawn didn't like them and left after smoking a cigarette with me. Scary M and I have been friends for a long time. 4 years? And when Shawn called me later that night, he was all "I don't like that M chick. She just comes across wrong. She's all know-it-all and just a stupid bitch." Had I not been drinking by then, I would have gotten really pissed off, but as it is I just said whatever, she's my friend not yours. You don't have to worry about it. Rah! He doesn't even know her!

After Scary M and her friend left, the delivery guy showed up. YAY! We like the delivery guy. And we like chinese food too so it all works out. We talk every time he comes over. It's good fun. He left, we put in Punch-Drunk Love and ate our food. About halfway thru the movie, when things still weren't making sense, we busted out the booze. We got really giggly. That's when Shawn called so I could entertain him while he got ready for work. Kasey called right after I got off the phone with Shawn. We talked for a bit. P was giving me some looks cause the movie was paused for a long time while I was on the phone. So I got off the phone and we finished the movie. Strange. What was it with weird movies yesterday?

P and I went outside to smoke. Two cigarettes each cause we were laughing so hard we forgot to smoke. Whoops. I don't even know what we were laughing at. Funny stuff tho. We had a mini dance party in P's closet. We were going to go for a walk and get something from Walmart. I don't remember what tho. I was talking about taking a shower for about a half hour before I finally did. I kept walking back and forth between the bathroom and P's room to talk.

Joey (he's so pretty!) called to invite us to his house today instead of going to the club. Which I just might do. I'm still all sunburnt and dancing might be painful. I did it last night cause I could really feel it. And this way I can leave easier. I could leave at 12! Be home, showered and in bed at 1:30. YAY! That would rock my world. We'll see tho.

Ouch! I hurt! Make it stop! Who gets sick in July? Obviously I do. As long as I'm not sick over my birthday. 20 days!

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