Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Last night I went out with my paents....hold on (phone call ringing...can't answer....call back....Shawn).

Anyway, they picked me up and took me out to dinner. My father bought me a pie. A french chocolate silk pie. Good lord is it chocolately. We went back to their house and I burned a couple of really awesome cds. Yay for me. We started watching Star Trek Nemesis, but I needed to go home so my father gave me a ride and a vcr. Huh? Oh well.

I took a shower, thought about smoking, but didn't. C came over. We looked at the most recent photo shoot pictures I hadn't seen yet. There are some funny feckin pictures in there. I wish I had brought them with me cause I'd scan them and do that whole thing.

I'd like to give a shout out to all my peeps at the odc. Sup.

Now that wouldn't be funny unless you're P. R u p? hehehe. I hate it when people type like that. I usually don't do that unless I'm text messaging someone. Otherwise you run out of room.

I talk a lot about nothing.

So I got to be alone for a little while last night. I, once again, realized how much I enjoy smoking cigarettes. Sure it's bad for you, and it doesn't seem like something someone would normally enjoy (at least I didn't understand it when I smoked) but I do.

Speaking of a photo shoot...I think it's time for another one. I'm missing those right about now. I think we should do some at the lake. Out on the lake in the canoe with the yellow filter on. That makes for some cool pictures. The first one we did, P, C and I found an old couch on the side of the road so we stopped to take some pics on that and those looked really cool. The cemetary ones looked really good too. We also took some at Shawn's house and those could have been better. I mean, it was raining out so we had to stay inside (no umbrellas for us!) so we made do with what we had. I want to doctor some of them in photoshop tho...

I need a new picture album.

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