Monday, July 14, 2003

Nope, dishes weren't done, but the place was picked up. Horray!

Short version: Friday Shawn and I hung out and smoked. Saturday - we shopped, observed hotties in their natual habitat, went to Madison and smoked a lot. I learned some new and old secrets and gained developed a friendship. Sunday - Shawn and I smoked and watched movies. I went to a demo durby and hung out with my roommate, P.

Friday - I met Shawn at my house right after work. We spent the rest of the night talking and smoking. He passed out on the living room floor and I went into my room.

Saturday - I woke up around 9:30. Shawn woke up and right away went back to sleep. I fell asleep again around 11:30 and woke up at 1:30 I think. We went shopping, tried to get Shawn's hair cut, but no place was open so we gave up and went back to my place. Smoked. Shawn watched the first half of Emperor's New Groove while I showered and I watched an episode of Sailor Moon while he showered. We both watched the first half of Prince of Egypt. Then we smoked and went to the strip and observed all the cute guys there around 9:30. Levi called and wanted me to go to madison cause they were making wop. I wanted to, but since Shawn worked at 12, I would just wait until he left at 11:30 and then go down there. So then Clay calls and invites me down there. Now I really wanna go! Shawn decides that he can call into work so he can go with. We go back to my house, pack, smoke and leave. We went straight to Clay's with the intention of going over to Levi's in a little while. We smoked...and smoked again...and smoked again...We really did intend to go over there, at least I did. But I didn't have a car, Clay was in no condition to drive and Shawn wouldn't drive. So I called Levi and asked him to come pick us up, but he wasn't there. He called back around 2:30 and I was passing out. So I didn't get to see him and I feel really bad about that.

I met a couple of new people on Saturday. Wealthy Dave was pretty cool. He was just talking and talking and talking. He said his name was Barb and he was the sample lady at the groccery store due to some things that he was handing out. It was pretty funny. And there were some people I had seen before, but just talked to now. One of the people threw their boobs at me. They felt surprisingly real. Of course I've never had a real boob flung at my head.

Clay was too funny! He had 2½ beers before we got there and was totally buzzing. I smoked him up realllll nice. Then again, I smoked EVERYONE up realllll nice. That's right, I supplied most of everything there that night. They had better love me!

Too-Tall Matt and I had a "little chat". He went to the bar (he's only 19, but his dad took him) and got smashed. We were both just sitting there watching the computer, so I pulled him aside and we talked. Or rather, he talked and I listened. He told me something I already knew, but wasn't supposed to. I was so fuckin high. I listened, but my mind was just racing away. I've never actually had a conversation with just him and me before. So it was great!

Sunday - Clay and I both woke up at 8. Turned and looked at each other and both just groaned. I had slept on the corner piece of a couch that's supposed to line two walls (but all there was was the corner piece). Clay told me to come lay by him, so I fell asleep on the bed for a little while longer. When Shawn and I both woke up, Clay was gone. We called to tell him that we were leaving, he invited us to the art exhibit, but we declined.

On the drive home, there was no radio and we didn't really talk. It was nice to sit just quiet with someone. On the road to Shawn's house, he just stopped the car, got out and had me drive. For no reason! I was uber-excited...his car rocks. I think he should let me drive more often. I don't think he will tho. Shucks.

At Shawn's house we smoked...again. We drove back to my house, made a pizza, watched the second half of Prince of Egypt and he watched the second half of Emperor's New Groove while I took a little nap on the couch. Finally, we went over to my parents just as they were leaving. Shawn played online while I did laundry. Back to my place, C came over and picked me up. Shawn went home. C and I went to the Demo derby. Huh. I thought there might be a chance I would enjoy it, but I didn't really. Maybe if I had more energy, I would have like it. Don't get me wrong, I had fun, but it was just so barbaric. Smashing cars into each other, cheering when one started on fire, booing people off the arena. I just don't really get it.

P was home when we got there. The poor girl. They did a surprise drug test, we'll find out. They also did a PT test. She's sick. So she had overhydrated in order to do the drug test, and then overheated when running the two miles. Her body pretty much went into shock. Not fun for her. After she vented and felt better, we talked. I told her a little bit about my weekend. C left. We talked and watched an episode of Sailor Moon.

Shawn called. I see the boy all weekend and he still has to call me. I went over to my parents. They invited me and P over on Tuesday for dinner. YAY FOR REAL FOOD! I've had so much junk and take out food...ugh.

Nice bed time. Sleepy. Yawn.

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