Friday, July 18, 2003

Ok so last night I came up with a whole new theory. Ya know how they say that if you study something high, you would have to be high to remember it again? It's kind of true. Well, I decided that it's because thc works as a steroid for making synapses in your brain, so it puts things in "hard to reach places". Like if Popeye ate spinach and had to hide something inside a cave and put a big rock over the entrance. The only way his skinny little ass would get back in would be to eat spinach again. Ya know what I'm saying?

Last night...I went to my parents, discussed going to Madison with my mother and instead watched tv. Oh I miss tv. It's been too long my friend. Then Shawn had to go and call and ask me a huge favor. Of course I did it. That would include driving to his house to drive to Madison to watch the guy that he's dating play a softball game. Now, I myself love softball, so that wasn't an isssue. What was an issue for me is, I showed relunctance going because I didn't want to be the standard third wheel after the game. Silly me didn't voice my apprehension regarding this issue and therefore, my fears came true. The only two things Shawn said to me after we met up with this boy (nope, he was 23 so I guess I can say man) was (and they were well spaced out of course) "Get in the backseat" and "I can freeze you". Thanks Shawn, glad to know I'm appreciated. Of course after this guy left, Shawn felt horrible and appologized a million times. I don't think he felt bad about what he did, he just didn't want me mad. I hate it when people piss me off when I meet someone new. Cause then I'm a total bitch. Even more so than normal. And the guy did seem pretty cool.

Clay and Derrick met up with us and I got to see Clay's kick ass new ride. Oh it's beautiful. And he can come visit me more! We went to Burger King and sat around like big dorks. Good times. Then we said goodbye and parted ways. Shawn and I destined for his house.

He's insane sometimes. Last night he was running around in the dark all freaked out, screaming out "WHAT WAS THAT?" in reference to shadows. Sometimes...I don't know about him.

And just for fun, here's the first paragraph I wrote translated into Japaneese and then back into English:

It was understood, therefore last night I all new theory conceived. If you investigate highest what, it must be high in order to remember that for the second time unless, you have known they how say? That just a little is true. It is good, I "work the place as a steroid in order in order to reach thc to make the synapse of your brain, therefore" being to put in place especially eagerly, it decided that it is that. The way Popeye eats the spinach, hides what in the cave and if must place the stone where the top of the entrance is large. The only method the that thinly small donkey returning is to eat the spinach for the second time. You know that I say?

ps New Pictures!

The next time I write on here, it will be my birthday. I'm not expecting a lot.

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