Saturday, July 19, 2003

Silence has its benefits. It reaps pain from my soul as it plays tricks on my mind . . . three Sundays ago I saw the ebb and flow of the ocean in plain Technicolor fantasy outside the window of my landlocked Colorado apartment five stories up. The sight sety me free because, you see, I have never seen the ocean. I danced by the sill along the hardwood floors, turning away for only a moment and then . . . and then I realized that I wasn’t seeing the ocean at all . . . I was seeing vast expanses of sun baked black asphalt mixed with cloudless blue, blue Colorado sky and realized that I had been trapped, alone, for days now without so much as a sound reverberating within my ears . . . trapped in a world of alone silence that was playing games in y mind, transporting me to a Colorado ocean that is only fantasy . . . Technicolor fantasy . . . and tearing apart my soul with an intense obsession to destroy the living.

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